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Pesticide Information
The Agricultural Commissioner is responsible for a comprehensive pesticide regulatory program at the county level, to assure the safe, efficient and legal use and storage of pesticides. The program assures the legal practices and compliance relating to the production of agricultural commodities and safe handling of pesticides by users. Pesticide regulatory activities include:
The goal of these various aspects of the pesticide regulatory program is to assure that those using pesticides understand and are in compliance with the many applicable laws and regulations.

Pesticide Laws and Regulations Study
The Department of Pesticide Regulation has revised its Laws and Regulations Study Guide and it is now available. The study guide can be used by educational institutions, private entities, industry, governmental entities, and potential licensees and certificate holders, for education and training on California?s pesticide and pest control operations laws and regulations.

Copies of the study guide may be purchased for $15 each. The order form is available on line at