Solano County Behavioral Health

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Access Line

Linea de Acceso

Crisis Stabilization Services 

Servicios de Estabilización de Crisis

Suicide Prevention

Prevención del Suicido

Use Services

For NEW SERVICES- mental health or substance use, please call our Access Line

Para NUEVOS SERVICIOS - salud mental y sustancias/adicción, por favor llame a nuestra línea de acceso

A 24-HOUR ACUTE CARE UNIT for individuals in crisis

Una UNIDAD DE CUIDADOS AGUDOS LAS 24 HORAS, los 7 días de la semana para personas en crisis

For 24-HOUR SUICIDE PREVENTION, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Para LA Prevención DEL SUICIDO DE 24 HORAS, por favor llame a National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

please call Beacon Access Line
for substance use services only.

(800) 547-0495

(707) 428-1131

(800) 273-TALK

(855) 765-9703


For new Behavioral Health services contact:
Behavioral Health Access Line
(800) 547-0495
[email protected]

For all other, non-urgent inquiries contact:
 Behavioral Health Administration Line
(707) 784-8320
[email protected] 

Response time is approximately 24 - 48 hours

The Solano County Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Cultural Transformation Model (ICCTM) MHSA Innovation Project aims to increase culturally and linguistically appropriate services for County-specific unserved and underserved populations with low mental health services utilization rates identified as; the Latino, Filipino and LGBTQ+ communities. The project is anchored in community engagement practices and the nationally Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Service (CLAS) Standards. Through the ICCTM project, fourteen (14) quality improvement (QI) action plans were developed by multi-sector community partners highlighting the local community's perspective on culturally appropriate practices that should be integrated into the current local mental health system of care. One of the QI action plans, TRUEcare Promoter Roadmap, aims to develop an easy-to-understand, culturally appropriate resource map for the community that will be made available in English, Spanish and Tagalog through a web-based version as well as paper versions.

Interactive Map Instructions
Below is the web-based version of the TRUEcare Map, which is interactive. To use the interactive map, click on the image below. The English version of the map will open in a new window, but you may select your preferred language by clicking on it in the bottom, right-hand corner. To use the map, click on any of the labeled pin icons; Abuse Support, Crisis, Access, Housing, Support Advocacy, Basic Needs, or Culture Matters. When you click on an icon, a new page will open listing resources that relate to that subject. To return to the main screen/map, click on the "Home" icon in the top, left-hand corner.

If the map does not work when you open it, you may need to download the map and open it from your computer. You can download an interactive version of the map
here. You can also try accessing the map on a different internet browser.

Click on your preferred language below to download or print a PDF (non-interactive) version of the TRUEcare Roadmap: