Community Services & Supports (CSS) provides treatment and recovery services to children and youth, transition-age youth, adults, and older adults. Approximately 80% of all MHSA funds are directed to these services and to improving the overall mental health system.
  • Full Services Partnerships (FSP)
    At least 51% of CSS funds must be directed to FSPs. Driven by a "whatever it takes" philosophy, FSPs collaborate with a wide variety of community agencies and organization to provide intensive mental health and case management for children, youth, and adults who are eligible.
  • General Systems Development (GSD)
    This service category is geared to improve the County's mental health service delivery system for all consumers and/or to pay for specific mental health services and supports for consumers and, when appropriate, their families.
  • Outreach & Engagement
    The county uses this funding to engage unserved and underserved individuals and communities in the mental health system in order to increase access to services and reduce disparities identified by the County.
  • Mental Health Services Act Housing
    MHSA provides housing funds for children and youth who are seriously emotionally disturbed, as well as persistently and seriously mentally ill adults. 

CSS funding will also be used to maintain the County's Electronic Health Record, and to continue training and development of the mental health workforce and peer consumers.