Employee Self Service

Teleworking Resources - Guides, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Legacy Citrix Link, Helpful Links, etc. (Employee Log-in Required)

Employee Leave forms

Employee Leave forms can be found at www.SolanoCounty.com/depts/hr/risks/forms.asp.

NEW Windows Virtual Desktop Available for Employee Self Service

A new Windows Virtual Desktop platform is now available at https://aka.ms/wvdweb/.

Use the new Windows Virtual Desktop to access data and authorized applications including user U: drive files, MyPay, IntelliTime, Microsoft Office, IFAS, Legistar, SCIPS, and many more! 

Please review the Windows Virtual Desktop Guide to access Windows Virtual Desktop. (Employee Log-in Required)

If you have access to a Solano County computer at work, please continue to follow existing procedures to log into Employee Services via Webstart.

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