Welcome to the Solano County Public Art Committee

In order to promote civic, cultural, educational and intellectual creativity in our county, Solano County will make available space on the first and second floors for art exhibits in the County Administration Center and in designated spaces in other County facilities. 

Exhibits at the County Administration Center are conducted under the auspices of the Solano County Art Committee. This committee consists of 7 members. A staff member from the Division of Architectural Services serves as the Exhibit Coordinator for the County Administration Center and primary contact person with the public as well as coordinates with other departmental liaisons as designated for other County facilities. The Art Committee approves all art exhibits.

The Art Committee shall decide on the suitability of any art. The committee will consider a wide range of artistic expression in deciding on potential exhibitors. However, in deciding the suitability of any work, the committee is mindful that all segments of the community and all age groups use the display area.

Specifically, the Art Committee seeks to satisfy the following objectives in selecting and developing exhibitions:

  • To present a variety of exhibitions by local artists in the visual arts;
  • To help local artists (including organizations and amateurs) increase their public exposure;
  • To provide a venue to encourage and display the artwork of children and youth;
  • To promote Solano County and art activities throughout the county.
  • To provide artwork consistent with the Solano County Public Art Program and its objectives.

Residence in Solano County is not required but may be considered in the selection process.

The Public Art Committee has no scheduled meetings at this time.

The last meeting of the Public Art Committee was Thursday, May 24, 2018 at 10:30 am.
The meeting was held at the County Administration Center (CAC) 675 Texas Street, 6th Floor Conference Room 6003 in Fairfield. 

For questions and/or inquiries, please contact General Services at 707-784-7900.

Agendas can be found here: Committee Meeting Agendas
Application can be found here: Public Art Submittal Application and Policy