Probation Department Divisions

Probation Departmental Functions

The department has four distinct divisions: Adult; Juvenile; Juvenile Detention Facility; and Administrative Services.  These divisions provide unique services designed to assist with community protection and offender treatment intervention. These services are accomplished by a variety of programs unique to each division. Administrative Services provides significant support to the Adult and Juvenile Divisions as well as the Juvenile Detention Facility.  (Access to these services must be by court order or police arrest.)

Department Goals 
  1. Enhance, maintain, and deliver a high level of innovative and quality services and programs.
  2. Ensure a sufficient number of well trained staff to fully accomplish the goals and mission of the Department.
  3. Enhance and expand victims' services and the restoration of victims.
  4. Improve and efficiently use relevant technology.
  5. Advance communication and collaboration, internally and with partners.
Adult Division

Adult Probation Officers provide protection and safety to the community by serving as an arm of the Superior Courts. Adult Probation Officers provide investigation and supervision services for adult clients through various probation programs ranging from minimum supervision to residential placement. In addition, Adult Probation Officers recommend appropriate sentencing for adult clients and juvenile clients referred to adult court while preserving and enhancing the level of treatment intervention whenever possible.

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  • Adult Court Officers
  • Pretrial Investigations
  • Pretrial Supervision
  • Sex Offender Supervision
  • Domestic and Family Violence
  • DUI Supervision
  • Offender Link Supervision
Specialized Programs
  • Center for Positive Change
  • Drug Court
  • Veteran's Court
Residential Placement
  • Adult Placement Program

Postrelease Community Supervision         

  • Intake Assessments
  • Supervision
Juvenile Division

Juvenile Probation Officers provide protection and safety to the community by serving as an arm of the Juvenile and Superior Courts. Juvenile Probation Officers provide investigation and supervision services for juvenile clients through various probation programs ranging from early intervention, general supervision, intensive supervision and placement. In addition, Juvenile Probation Officers recommend appropriate dispositions for juvenile clients while preserving and enhancing the family unit, whenever possible.

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Prevention/Early Intervention
  • Misdemeanor Diversion Program
  • Felony Diversion Program
  • Intake-Traffic Hearing Program
  • Juvenile Court Investigations
  • Juvenile Court Liaison
  • General Supervision
  • Golden Hills Court School
Intensive Supervision
  • Community School Program
  • Court School Supervision Program
  • Family Preservation Program
  • Juvenile Sex Offender Program
  • Electronic Monitoring Program
Specialty Programs
  • Vallejo and Fairfield Youth Achievement Center (YAC)
  • General Placement (Relative Family Placement/Foster Care)
  • Extended Foster Care (AB12/AB212)
Secure Youth Treatment Facility
  • RISE Program
Juvenile Detention Facility Division

The Juvenile Detention Facility provides detention for youth charged with serious crimes, who otherwise cannot be safely released to the community and are likely to flee the jurisdiction of the Court.

This division also provides post-disposition detention for youth awaiting placement to other residential care.

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Administrative Services Division

The Administrative Services Division provides support for internal probation department functions including: Billing and Collections, Clerical Support Services, Professional Standards, Fiscal Management, and Data and Information.

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Billing and Collections
This unit processes and sets up accounts receivable, mails billing statements to clients, provides account status and information to probation officers and outside agencies.  They also process restitution payments to victims.  Types of accounts collected by this unit include fines and restitution from clients who have court ordered probation fines and juvenile traffic fines. 

Clerical Support Services
Clerical Support Services is made up of the Adult and Juvenile Clerical Units.  They process all incoming orders from the court and maintain electronic and physical client files.  Clerical staff support their respective Supervision Division and perform the reception function at each Probation location. 

Professional Standards Unit 

The Professional Standards Unit (PSU) recruits, onboards, and trains probation staff.  They conduct background investigations, handle internal affairs, social media, and provide quality assurance for the Probation Department. 

Fiscal Management

Fiscal staff are committed to making sure revenues are enhanced and expenditures are appropriate.  They establish and monitor the department's budget, prepare state and federal funding claims, as well as develop and monitor contracts. 

Data and Information
Staff collect, organize, interpret, and provide data to both internal and external business partners.