Planning Applications & Instructions
Administrative Permit Application and Instructions
Section UL
Administrative Permit - FAQ
Administrative Permit - Checklist
Application Processing Agreement
Land Use Application
Project Description
Fee Schedule
Agricultural Preserves
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Agricultural Preserve Application
Procedure for Establishment of Agricultural Preserves in Solano County
Cancellation of Land Conservation Contract
Agricultural Preserve Land Conservation Contract
Application Fee Schedule
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Application Fee Schedule
Cancellation of Agricultural Preserve Contract
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Agricultural Preserve Cancellation Instructions
Petition for cancellation of Agricultural Preserve Contract
Certificate of Compliance (Parcel Status Determination)
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Certificate of Compliance - Application
Certificate of Compliance - Application Processing Agreement
Certificate of Compliance - Checklist
Certificate of Compliance - FAQ
Certificate of Compliance - Written Explanation
Environmental Review
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EIR Guidelines
EIR Guidelines - Appendix A
CEQA brochure
List of Environmental Consultants
General Plan Amendment
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General Plan Amendment - Checklist
General Plan Amendment - Land Use Application
General Plan Amendment - Project Desrciption
Land Use Permit
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Land Use - Application
Land Use - Application Processing Agreement
Land Use - Written Report of Compliance
Land Use Renewal - Checklist
Land Use - Land Use Permit FAQ
Land Use - Use Permit Submittal Requirments
Lot Line Adjustments
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Lot Line Adjustment - Application
Lot Line Adjustment - Application Processing Agreement
Lot Line Adjustment - Checklist
Lot Line Adjustment - FAQ
Major Subdivision
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Major Subdivision - Application
Major Subdivision - Application Processing Agreement
Major Subdivision - Checklist
Major Subdivision - Environmental Evaluation Questionnaire
Major Subdivision - FAQ
Major Subdivision - Project Description
Marsh Development
Section UL
Marsh Development - Application Processing Agreement
Marsh Development - Checklist
Marsh Development - Environmental Evaluation Questionnaire
Marsh Development - Project Description
Marsh Development -Land Use Application
Marsh Development Permit - FAQ
Minor Subdivision
Section UL
Minor Subdivision - Application
Minor Subdivision - Application Processing Agreement
Minor Subdivision - Checklist
Minor Subdivision - Environmental Evaluation Questionnaire
Minor Subdivision - FAQ
Minor Subdivision - Project Description
Mobile Home Storage Permit
Section UL
Mobile Home - Application Processing Agreement
Mobile Home - Land Use Application
Mobile Home - Project Description
Mobile Home Storage Permit - Checklist
Non-renewal of Agricultural Preserve Contracts
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Notice of non-renewal
Procedures for filing notice of non renewal of agricultural preserves contracts
Performance Standards
Section UL
Performance Standards - Application Processing Agreement
Performance Standards - Checklist
Performance Standards - Environment Evaluation Questionnaire
Performance Standards - Land Use Applications
Performance Standards - Project Description
Policy Plan Overlay
Section UL
Policy Plan Overlay - Application Processing Agreement
Policy Plan Overlay - Checklist
Policy Plan Overlay - Environmental Evaluation Questionnaire
Policy Plan Overlay - Land Use Application
Policy Plan Overlay - Project Description
Project Appeal
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Appeal Request Instructions
Appeal Request Form
Project Notification Contact List
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Project Nofication Contact List
Reclamation Plan
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Reclamation Plan Application
Reclamation Plan Instructions
Request for Information
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Request for Information
Rezone Petition
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Rezone - Application Process Agreement
Rezone - Checklist
Rezone - Environmental Evaluation Questionnaire
Rezone - Land Use Application
Rezone - Project Description
Sign Permit
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Sign Permit - Application Processing Agreement
Sign Permit - Checklist
Sign Permit - FAQ
Sign Permit - Land Use Application
Sign Permit - Project Description
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Variance - Application Processing Agreement
Variance - Checklist
Variance - Environmental Evaluation Questionnaire
Variance - FAQ
Variance - Land Use Application
Variance - Project Description
Waiver Permit
Section UL
Waiver - Application Processing Agreement
Waiver - Checklist
Waiver - FAQ
Waiver - Land Use Application
Waiver - Project Description
Zone Text Amendment
Section UL
Zone - Application Processing Agreement
Zone - Checklist
Zone - Environmental Evaluation Questionnaire
Zone - Land Use Application
Zone - Project Description