Public Works Engineering
Assembly Permits
Section UL
 Bicycle Event Conditions 
 Assembly Permit Application, Information, and Conditions 
Encroachment Permits
Section UL
 Residential Driveway Standards 
 Commercial Driveway Standards 
 Road Maintenance Bond Example 
 Driveway Fire Code Requirements 
 Trench Standards 
 Encroachment Application and Standard Conditions 
 Private Road Signs 
 Adopt A Road Special Conditions Adopt-A-Road
 Hold Harmless Adopt-A-Road
 Safety Requirements Adopt-A-Road
Fee Schedule
Section UL
 2023-2024 Fee Schedule (Effective July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024) 
Grading Permits
Section UL
 Biological Agency Reference Guide 
 Priority Habitat Areas Map (Figure RS-1) 
 Grading Permit Standard Conditions 
 Phase II MS4 General Permit requirements 
 Grading Permit Application 
 Grading Permit Requirements 
Map Check
Section UL
 Parcel Map Correction Certificate 
 Record of Survey Correction Certificate 
 Subdivision Correction Certificate 
 Corner Record (Submit on cardstock) 
 Parcel Map/Subdivision Map Checklist 
 Record of Survey Checklist 
 Record of Survey Statements 
Oil and Gas Well Drilling
Section UL
 Security for Oil and Gas Well Drilling 
 Road Maintenance Bond Example 
Road Impact Fees
Section UL
 English Hills Road Impact Fee - July 2023 
 Major Thoroughfare Area of Benefit Fee - July 2023 
Road Standards and Land Development And Subdivision Requirement
Section UL
 Road Improvement Standards and Land Development Requirements 
 Solano County Subdivision Ordinance 
Transportation Permits
Section UL
 Annual Transportation Permit Application & Conditions 
 Single-trip Transportation Permit Application & Conditions 
Vallejo Parking Permit
Section UL
 Vallejo Parking Permit Application