Environmental Health Forms

Food Program

Permanent Food Facilities

Mobile Food Facilities

 Food Facility Plan Submittal Application 
 Plan Submittal Supplemental Questionnaire
Hood Worksheet and Appendix C
California Plan Check Guide for Retail Food Facilities 
Mobile Food Facility Plan Submittal Application
 Mobile Food Facility Commissary Agreement Form
 Mobile Food Truck Construction Requirement Checklist
 Mobile Food Cart Construction Requirement Checklist
 Plan Check Guidelines for Mobile Food Facilities    

Cottage Food Operations

Catering Operations and Host Facilities

 Cottage Food Operations Registration/Permit   Application
 Cottage Food Operations Class A Self Certification  Checklist
 Cottage Food Operations Food Product Description
 Cottage Food Operations Renewal Application
 Catering Permit Application
 Catering Commissary Agreement Form
 Catering Guidelines    

Host Facility Application
 Host Facility Guidelines     


Housing Program

 Consumer Advisory
 Food Allergens
 Food Handler Card Training and Test Providers
 Food Protection Manager Training and Test Providers

 Veteran's Fee Exemption Application                

 Housing Permit Application     

Special Event Information

Body Art and Massage Program     

 Special Event Organizer Application
 Special Event Food Vendor Application
 Non-Profit Special Event Organizer Application
 Proposed Food Vendor List
 Non-Profit Special Event Food Vendor Application
 Special Event Food Vendor Self Inspection  Checklist

 Veteran's Fee Exemption Application                        
 Body Art Permit Application
 Body Art Practitioner Annual Renewal 
 Hepatitis B Vaccination Declination Statement
 List of Bloodborne Pathogen Training Providers 
Body Art Facility Plan Application
 Mobile Body Art Facility Application
 Body Art Facility Construction Guidelines
 Temporary Event Sponsor's Permit Application
 Temporary Event Practitioner's Permit Application 
Mechanical Stud and Clasp Ear Piercing Registration
 Massage Registration Form

Recreational Health Program 

Solid Waste Program  

 Swimming Pool Plan Check Application
 Spa Plan Check Application 
Pool Code

 Pool/Spa Recording Chart
 Fecal, Vomit, Blood Incident Response Form
 Near-Drowning or Drowning Incident Response Form                                        
City of Vallejo Garbage Exemption Application 

Unincorporated Garbage Exemption Application

ear End Biosolids Report Report                                            

Small Water Systems 

Graywater Systems   

 Water System Application
 I. Technical Report
 II. Water Monitoring Requirements and Bacteriological Sample Siting Plan
 III. Emergency Notification Plan

 IV. Operations Plan
 V. Maps and Attachments

 Non-Public Water System Declaration      
 Graywater System Requirements                                      

 Well & Soil Boring Program

 Sewage Disposal Program

 Soil Borings Application
 Well Construction Application
 Well Destruction Application
 Agent Authorization Form
 Variance Request
 Sewage Disposal Permit Application
 Site Evaluation Application
 Agent Authorization
 O&M Permit Application