Safeguarding Our Community from the Risk of Wildfires

California’s fire seasons are longer, hotter and more destructive than ever before. Two years ago Solano County residents were threatened by the LNU Lightning Complex Fire. Despite the heroic efforts of local firefighters, the fire burned 42,000 acres and resulted in the destruction of 309 homes and 854 structures in Solano County alone. According to local firefighters on the scene, had winds shifted pushing the fire into more densely developed neighborhoods, many more homes could have burned and many lives threatened.

Safeguarding Our Neighborhoods
Wildfires often start in remote areas and spread quickly to nearby residential communities. Fire and emergency services in the rural parts of Solano County are understaffed and underequipped, increasing the risk that a fire could start and spread from these areas, threatening nearby residential areas. Keeping local neighborhoods and residential communities safe requires fire prevention and protection throughout all of Solano County.

Reducing Wildfire Risk
Proactive steps can reduce the risk of wildfire spread, ensure firefighting resources are ready to respond quickly and ensure for early alerts and quick evacuations in order to save lives. Solano County is working with local fire departments to ensure we are ready for the next wildfire that threatens local residents, neighborhoods and businesses.

Local Funding to Keep Solano Safe
In order to increase fire prevention and protection efforts in Solano County, the Board of Supervisors is considering placing an 1/8 cent sales tax measure on the November 2022 ballot. If approved by local voters, the measure would generate approximately $9 million annually in locally controlled funding to support general county services such as: 

-- Reducing the risk of wildfires, prevent the spread of wildfires from wildland areas to residential neighborhoods
-- Improving rapid 9-1-1 response times, early fire detection and evacuation planning
-- Reducing flammable brush and vegetation in public open spaces
-- Reducing fire risk from homeless encampments

Strict Taxpayer Protections
A sales tax measure would include strict fiscal accountability protections, including:

-- Independent oversight, mandatory financial audits and annual reports
-- All money would be controlled locally and could not be taken by the State
-- The measure would be paid not just by residents but also those who visit and shop in Solano County
-- Groceries, prescription medicine and other essential purchases are exempt from a sales tax

Learn More
As Solano County leaders make plans and assess options for keeping local communities safe, you are invited to learn more and share your input. Please email
[email protected] with comments, feedback or questions. To learn more, see our additional resources at the links below:

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