Reserve Deputy Program

                                                   Reserve Coordinator
                                                    Sgt. Frank Smith

The Solano County Sheriff’s Office has an active Reserve Deputy Program. The Reserve Deputy Sheriff is a non-paid community service position that performs an essential role within the Sheriff’s Office. Reserve Deputies work in all facets of the Sheriff’s Office, augmenting and supplementing the regular Deputy Sheriffs in a variety of assignments. These assignments include Probation Sweeps, Parole Sweeps, Street Patrol, Marine Patrol, Crime Scene Security, and Special Operations support.

The Reserve Deputy program also serves as a resource and support group for the Office of Emergency Services and other outside agencies under the mutual aid plan; assists in reducing hazards, prepares and trains for all types of emergencies; and responds to and helps recover from major emergencies and disasters.

Reserve Deputies must work at least 16 hours a month and respond to emergency call-outs. They must also maintain firearms training & qualifications, defensive tactics training, and a variety of other training requirements as determined by the Sheriff’s Office and POST.

To become eligible for the Solano County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputy Program you must:

    * Possess a valid California Driver’s License and have a good driving record.

    * Possess a High School diploma or equivalent.

    * Have graduated from a POST reserve or full-time Police Academy.

    * Be a United States citizen and reside in Solano County.

    * Have no felony convictions.

    * Pass an Oral Interview.

    * Pass a Background Investigation.

    * Pass a Psychological Exam.

    * Pass a Medical Exam.

Minimum requirements to become a Reserve

To start the process to become a Reserve please download and fill out this application. Application_Reserve.pdf