Sheriff's POSSE

The Solano County Sheriff's Posse has enjoyed a long-standing tradition of service with the Sheriff's Office since 1947. Comprised of citizens who volunteer their time in the service of their community, each year members of the Sheriff's Posse contribute thousands of hours of their time, the use of their horses and their equipment in support of the Sheriff's Office. Members of the Sheriff's Posse attend numerous community events each year as ambassadors for the Sheriff and a shining example of how beneficial partnerships with the community can be for law enforcement. As a secondary responsibility, members of the Sheriff's Posse provide assistance to the Emergency Services Response Team when there is a need for horses and specialized equipment.


Come Ride with Us...…

The Solano County Sheriff's POSSE is a volunteer organization that assists the Sheriff with public relations, education, search & rescue, emergency and disaster services as needed. Volunteers participate in parades, static displays, and training events.  We are always looking to grow our membership and continue the 75 year tradition.  If you are at least 21 years old, have a passion for community service and have a trusted steed, please contact Volunteer Robin Turner at [email protected] for more information.