What is OES?

Department Description and Functionality

  • Manage and coordinate Disasters, Terrorism, Search & Rescue missions, Floods and other major emergencies within the Operational Area. Assist city and county departments with fire suppression activities, evacuations, hazardous materials incidents, disaster exercises, planning, and utilization of resources through the SEMS/Incident Command System. 
  • Manage the Operational Area emergency management program and all EOC functions for Solano County. Communicate with and provide information as the primary reporting agency to State OES during disasters and emergencies. Coordinate all state and Federal assistance needed by cities and the county.
  • Facilitate County Disaster Council, Shelter Task Force and Emergency Manager meetings. Participate in all related committees, groups and organizations.
  • Write, update and maintain the Operational Area Emergency Plan to include supplements for Terrorism, Multi-Casualty incidents, School Violence and Hazardous Materials.
  • Acquire and maintain adequate computer based equipment, mapping and Incident Command software programs for the emergency operations center to function at the primary location as well as the mobile and alternate facility at the Nut Tree Airport.
  • Manage and maintain the county's compliance with the Emergency Services Act Chapter 7 of Title 2 of the Government Code.
  • Provide effective response to Search & Rescue and Law Enforcement missions in the Northern California Mutual Aid region by maintaining a well-trained and equipped force of Sheriff Reserves and Volunteers.
  • Conduct Emergency Preparedness training and awareness presentations for citizens and various organizations so they better understand what they should do before, during and after a disaster or major emergency. (CERT-Community Emergency Response Teams) 
  • Conduct and participate in Tabletop, Functional and Field disaster exercises with all city and county agencies including Travis Air Force base.
  • Develop emergency plans and committees that focus on efficient coordination of Terrorism and Bio-Chemical emergencies.