457 Deferred Compensation
  Eligible employees of the County of Solano may defer up to the maximum amount as defined by IRS guidelines on a pre-tax basis to help supplement their future retirement income. The County of Solano offers plans with a broad range of investments (IRC 457) administered through Nationwide Retirement Solutions.

Distribution Upon Separation from the County

If you participate in one of the deferred compensation programs, you have several options for distribution once you separate employment: lump sum, partial lump sum, periodic payments, rollover, or any combination of these options. You also have the option to postpone distribution until you reach age 70 1/2, at which time Federal Law requires you to begin distribution by April 1st of the following year. You may contact the program representative for your deferred compensation provider(s) for assistance in choosing the best distribution option(s)for you (contact information below). When you are ready to take a distribution of your deferred compensation funds, you will need to contact the Department of Human Resources (707-784-6171) for the appropriate paperwork and to make arrangements to obtain the authorized employer signature in order to release the funds.

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Kerry Avila, Retirement Specialist
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