Public Guardian

In Solano County, the Public Guardian / Conservator / Administrator positions are combined into one.  The office provides mandated conservatorship and estate administration services, as well as personal and financial services to individuals who are not capable of managing their own affairs.  


The Public Guardian / Conservator serves as conservator of a person and/or estate of individuals needing protective intervention.  The two types of conservatorship, Lanterman-Petris-Short (LPS) and probate, can only be established by order of the superior court.  Referrals for Probate conservatorships begin with an Adult Protective Services investigation.  As probate conservator, Public Guardians are involved in all aspects of their clients' lives, including financial management, housing, medical care, placement, and advocacy.  As LPS conservator, Public Conservators are responsible for directing the mental health treatment and placement of their clients.  Referrals for probate conservatorship usually come from another community agency, institution, or physician.  Referrals for LPS conservatorship can only come from a psychiatrist who is affiliated with a Short-Doyle hospital.


The Public Administrator is responsible for administering the estate of a Solano County resident who dies without provisions for someone to handle their estate.  Estate administration may include marshaling all assets, selling real or personal property, performing heir searches, and overseeing the distribution of the estate.  The activities are supervised by the superior court.