ODAS Overview and Mission Statement
Welcome to ODAS


  • Adult Protective Services (APS)
  • In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS)
  • IHSS Fraud Investigations
  • Probate Conservatorship Referrals
  • LPS Conservatorship Investigations
  • Public Administrator
  • Public Guardian/Conservator
  • Napa/Solano Area Agency on Aging

General Information

In the Solano County Health and Social Services Department, Older and Disabled Adult Services (ODAS) is an interdisciplinary approach to providing services. Clients/recipients are the elderly, age 65 and older, and dependent or disabled adults or children, 0 to 64 years old. Staff includes social workers, public health nurses, mental health clinicians, deputy public guardians/public administrators, conservatorship investigator, support staff, supervisors, and administrators. Spanish and Tagalog speaking staff are available in some programs to assist. Translation services are available for all languages.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Older and Disabled Adult Services to provide access to services and resources that sustain health and well-being, support independent lifestyles, and promote physical safety and emotional security for older and disabled adults and children in Solano County.

Core Values

Conduct and Comportment

  • Propriety
  • Competence and Professional Development
  • Integrity
  • Development of Knowledge

Ethical Responsibility

  • Respect, Fairness and Courtesy
  • Privacy of Client/Recipient's Interests
  • Rights and Prerogative of Clients / Recipients
  • Confidentiality and Privacy
  • Dealing with Colleague's Clients / Recipients
  • Commitments
  • Integrity
  • Community Service

The State Council on Developmental Disabilities is conducting interviews with consumers and their loved ones to see how they are doing and help the council assess whether they are getting the right services that meet their needs. They are seeking to hire Independent Contractors to conduct surveys.  Pay is $90 for Zoom surveys and $120 for in person surveys. At least 10 one hour surveys must be conducted each month.


They are looking for individuals with a lot of flexibility with their schedule. Applicants must have good communication skills, computer literacy, be highly organized and reliable. The applicant must have their own computer equipment and personal vehicle to drive to the participant.  The main responsibility is contacting individuals or families to explain the survey process and objectives.

For more information about the position, please have interested persons get in touch with [email protected].  

Please visit  this web page for more details: https://scdd.ca.gov/qap/

Public Charge FAQ

If you have questions about the Public Charge ruling, please visit https://www.solanocounty.com/depts/hss/publiccharge.asp for more information.