To be eligible for IHSS, you must be one of the following:

 Years of Age or Older, Legally Blind, or a Disabled Adult or Disabled Child.  

You must also:     

                1.     Be a California resident.
                2.     Live in your own home (your "own home" is any place you choose to live, 
                        except a nursing home or other out-of-home care facility, licensed or not).  
                3.     Be a United States citizen or an immigrant lawfully admitted for 
                        permanent residence.     

                4.     Be eligible for Medi-Cal in the county you are applying for services.

And, either:     

                a)     Receive or be eligible to receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) / State
                        Supplemental Payments (SSP). 

                b)     Meet all SSI/SSP eligibility criteria except for income or
                        citizenship/immigration status.

    If you do not receive SSI/SSP, your income and personal property will be used to determine your eligibility for IHSS.

Other Criteria for IHSS

                1.    Income:  If your income is above the SSI / SSP limits, you may be required
                       to pay for a portion of your IHSS benefits.  This is called a
                       “Share of Cost”      
                2.    Personal property may not exceed $2,000 for an individual or $3,000 for a

                3.    Property that IS NOT included in determining eligibility includes: 

                            a)    The home you own live in.                             
                            b)    One vehicle required for transportation to and from medical
                            c)    All life insurance policies, if the combined face value is not more than

                4.    Property that IS included in determining eligibility includes:  
                            a)    Cash on hand.
                            b)    Checking and savings accounts.
                            c)    Value of stocks, bonds and trust deeds.
                            d)    Real property other than the home you own and live in. 
                            e)    Additional automobiles and recreational vehicles.
                            f)    Promissory notes and loans

How to Apply for IHSS

During regular business hour: Monday through Friday, 8am - 5pm except holidays,
call the ODAS IHSS Referral Line at 707-784-8259 and provide as much known
information listed below for the person in need of IHSS such as:

1.    Name
10.    Whether Smoking or Pets are in home

2.    Gender
11.    Relationship to you & Phone Number

3.    Address
12.    Services being requested

4.    Phone Number
13.    Diagnosis & Symptoms

5.    Date of Birth
14.    Primary Medical Provider

6.    Social Security Number
15.    Medical Record Number

7.    Ethnicity
16.    Language Spoken

8.    Names and Relationships of others 
       in home
17.    Name of Current or Prospective
        Care provider

9.    Guardian Contact's Name

To download and IHSS application provided by the State of California website go to:
Once the application is complete, mail it to IHSS Office:
   County of Solano, IHSS
   275 Beck Avenue, MS 5-110
   Fairfield, CA 94533

IHSS Electronic Timesheet Service
    An Electronic Timesheet (ETS) allows In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Waiver
    Personal Care Services (WPCS) providers and recipients to submit and approve their
    timesheet online via a tablet, smartphone, or laptop instead of signing a paper timesheet.
    You do not have to use this service if you don't want to.
        Benefits to signing up for this service are:
        a)     You will no longer have to sign and mail a paper timesheet.
        b)     Your Provider's timesheet will get processed quicker.

    To begin using the Electronic Timesheet Service online, you must
    create an account and enroll on the website.

Basic Requirements to enroll:

To enroll and approve timesheets electronically you must:

         a)    Be a current active IHSS recipient.
         b)    Know how to use a smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop.
         c)    Have internet access.
         d)    Have a valid email.
Go to the following website to set up an account, select "New User Registration" link
and follow the online prompts:

        If you need help, please call the Electronic Timesheet Help Desk
        at 866-376-7066, press option 4

Do not have a tablet, smartphone, laptop or computer? Contact your local IHSS
office to obtain a pin number called a RAN (Recipient Authentication Number). Once
attained the "RAN" can be used to review and approve your provider's timesheets over the
phone by using the Telephone Timesheet System (TTS).  The system will contact
you every time your provider submits a timesheet electronically and you will
be able to approve it using your phone and RAN.

Please note: Your provider will no longer receive paper timesheets if you enroll to
approve your provider's IHSS or WPCS timesheets electronically.  However, if you
do no like using the electronic timesheets, you can stop/cancel the enrollment at any
time and your provider will go back to using a paper timesheet.

Electronic Timesheet Website Learning Modules for your review are available at:

IHSS Electronic Services Portal (ESP)

Utilize the Electronic Portal in order to access your information when you need it, on your
own time!

Access the IHSS Electronic Services Portal (ESP) at:

Through ESP you will be able to:

    -    Enroll online for E-Timesheets
    -    View Timesheet Status
    -    Enter and submit timesheets (if client elects to use this feature)
    -    View payment status
    -    Enroll in Direct Deposit
    -    Update your Direct Deposit
    -    Claim/submit sick leave

Information is available 24/7 in English, Spanish, Chinese and Armenian

IHSS Contact Numbers

For information regarding your
IHSS application or your current

For assistance with finding an IHSS
caregiver - Public Guardian

For IHSS provider enrollment or
    707-784-8753 or go to:
For questions about wage verifications or to
request a timesheet

To fax documents

Electronic Timesheet Help from State of CA
    866-376-7066, press option 4
To mail / submit any forms  
    County of Solano, IHSS
    275 Beck Ave., MS 5-110

To report suspected fraud in the In-Home
Supportive Services Program, call the
Program Integrity Unit