Childhood Lead Poisioning Prevention Program

In 1994 the State of California’s Department of Public Health (formerly the Department of Health Services) was delegated responsibility to enforce the Environmental Protection Agency’s Title X’s Residential Lead Base Paint Hazard Reduction Act of 1992.  The California Department of Public Health (DPH) Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch (CLPPB) delegated oversight on children with elevated blood levels to local county health departments to oversee this program.  The Solano County Health and Social Services oversees this program and in coordination with the Department of Resource Management’s Environmental Health Division conducts environmental investigations.

The Environmental Health Division oversees the environmental investigation portion of the Childhood Lead Prevention Program for the county.  When the Solano County’s Health and Social Services receives information regarding a child with elevated blood lead levels a referral is made to the Environmental Health Division for an initial comprehensive environmental investigation of the child’s residence. 

Our office now offers proactive inspections.  If you believe your pre 1978 home has lead in the paint or other friction surfaces, contact us at (707)784-6765.

Please click on the link for information if you wish to "Repaint or Fix an Older Home". If you have a tip or complaint regarding lead paint exposure due to repairs in your neighborhood contact us at (707)784-6765 to enter a complaint.

When the environmental investigation indicates the presence of lead (lead paint, lead paint dust, or soil that is contaminated with lead) in or near the residence, then abatement of lead must be conducted by the property owner.  If you wish to obtain more information on this subject please go to the State of California’s DPH’s Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch web site