The Food Program protects public health and safety by ensuring that food facilities serving food to the public meet minimum construction, sanitation and safe food handling practices required by the California Retail Food Code (Cal Code).

Food Business Information

The following types of food facilities are permitted and inspected according to the Risk Based Inspection Program:
Food Program Documents 
Includes all applications, guidelines, requirements, and other forms: Food Program Applications and Forms 

Food Facility Inspection Reports 
The results of the last two inspections of all Solano County restaurants, grocery stores, and all other food facilities can be found on the Food Facility Inspection Reports page.

Food Safety Certification
All food handlers shall obtain a food handler card within 30 days after the date of hire and maintain a valid card for the duration of their employment. In addition, food facilities that prepare, handle, or serve nonprepackaged potentially hazardous food shall have an owner or employee who is food safety certified. Use the following links for information on how to fulfill these requirements: Food Handler & Manager Information and Food Manager Training and Test Providers.

Food Safety Handouts
The Food Safety Handouts consists of information on food safety practices including proper cooking and holding temperatures, cleaning procedures, and more!

Service Animals 
The following resources contain information regarding service animals in food businesses: US DOJ Brief: Service Animals and US DOJ - Commonly Asked Questions About Service Animals in Places of Business.    

If you have a complaint about a food facility or if you think you got sick from eating food, submit a complaint online.

For additional information, view answers to Frequently Asked Questions.