Microenterprise Home Kitchen Operation (MEHKO)

A Micro-Enterprise Home Kitchen Operation (MEHKO) is a Food Facility that is operated by a resident from their private home kitchen.  Once permitted, a resident can store, handle, prepare and serve food to the public as allowed by State law similar to a restaurant, though State law does place limits on the number of meals that can be served, revenue that can be received, and on some foods that can be prepared, among other requirements.

Our office is now accepting applications for the MEHKO program. Please allow 14 business days for processing. All applications require an inspection of your residence and an annual operating fee and annual inspection thereafter.  All items on the application page must be submitted for it to be complete. Please contact our office for additional information at (707) 784-6765.

A MEHKO is not a Catering Registration or Cottage Food Operation.

Application Information

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