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The Department of Resource Management has implemented a COVID-19 complaint investigation and referral process that provides residents methods to file concerns they may have with a business' implementation of State Industry Guidance intended to protect workers, customers, and the public  from potential COVID-19 transmission.  The aim of this complaint investigation and referral process is to assist businesses in understanding and complying with the state's sector specific Industry Guidance found at and that are incorporated into the County's Public Health Officer's Health Order found at www.solanocounty.comMost businesses throughout Solano County are either following the state’s Industry Guidance specific to their business sector or very few complaints result in the need for the Department to provide additional direction to the business on how to meet the state’s Industry Guidance criteria. The County does receive occasional complaints about businesses that continue to operate in a manner not in accordance with the state’s industry guidance and that reduce protection from potential COVID-19 transmission for their workers, customers and the public.  

Our COVID-19 complaint investigation and referral process begins when a complaint is received regarding any business with the Department’s Environmental Health staff, as the field staff for the County Public Health Officer, performing an initial inquiry to verify the complaint. If a complaint cannot be verified, then only general information is retained in the Department’s complaint database; no business specific information will be retained.  If the complaint is verified, a COVID-19 Complaint Investigation report will be left with the business that details discrepancies from the state’s Industry Guidance and provides a list of web sites and contacts that may be accessed for information regarding compliance.  A copy of the complaint and a notification will be sent to the City Manager, City Attorney, and City Chief of Police for the jurisdiction in which the business is located so that city is aware of the County’s investigation results. The complainant will also be notified of the results regardless if the complaint is substantiated or not. This process is repeated for the second verified complaint by the Department.  On the third verified complaint, the business will be referred to the City and concurrently the County will notify the state’s licensing agencies for the business, which can be readily accessed through the state’s COVID-19 State Multi-Agency Enforcement Strike Team, for their follow-up.  All subsequent complaints will also be referred. 

The Department of Resource Management, Environmental Health staff will handle complaints and monitor the online and phone submissions.  Investigations are addressed the same or next working day Monday through Friday 8 am – 5 pm, excluding holidays. Complaint submissions made after hours or on holidays will be retrieved the next business day.  The goal of the Department is to receive or retrieve the complaint, assign the complaint to designated staff within the Environmental Health Division, perform the investigation regarding the business’ operation, and notify the complainant regarding the investigation outcome within three business days of receipt of the complaint.

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