Rehoming ~ From One Good Home To Another


We know that the decision to rehome your pet is not an easy one to make. We are here to help you succeed at finding a great new home for your pet. He/She can go to a new home right from the home they have been used to and not have to come into the shelter which can be extremely stressful for some pets.

           Remind yourself that you are this pet's 
             best option for finding a new home.

You might think shelters or rescue groups would be more adept at placing the pet because we have experience, facilities, screening guidelines, etc. But, an individual, particularly one who knows the animal, can focus all his or her efforts on that pet, provide the most information to prospective adopters, and best determine the appropriateness of a new home. Also, any shelter or sanctuary is stressful for an animal. The shelter setting, no matter how nice, can bring on stress-related problems. Anxiety, aggression, and even illness are common, and these natural reactions may make adoption difficult or impossible.

We have put together an extensive rehoming resource packet.  This packet includes: how to create a successful pet profile, what websites to post to, local rescues, training tips and local trainers, possible medical assistance, local pet friendly housing and hotels, and local boarding facilities.

To view our 'Rehoming Packet' =  Click Here

All owner surrenders are by appointment only, unless there is a unique and or underlying circumstance* (see below). After you have exhausted all other options, please send us an email to schedule an appointment to [email protected] with the following information:

    *Your full name
    *The best telephone number you can be reached at
    *The city you reside in
    *Your email address
    *Type of pet you need to surrender (Dog/Cat/Other)
    *Pet's Breed
    *Pet's Age
    *Reason(s) you are unable to keep your pet

*If there is a safety concern or the pet is suffering due to illness or injury and you need immediate assistance, please give us a call: (707) 784-1356, press 0 to speak to one of our office team members.

**Be advised: we only accept pets of residence who live in Solano County and there is a surrender fee.  Our fees can be found in the "Fee Schedule" on our page.**