Lost Pets

Click one of the images below to view all of our STRAY animals here at the shelter...

Click me to view dogs that are at the ShelterClick me to view cats that are at the ShelterClick me to view other animals that are at the Shelter

                  The link from the images above are updated daily.

After reviewing the above lists of stray animals here at the shelter, we strongly recommend the owner visit the shelter in person and ask to be escorted through our facility. Sometimes online pictures can be deceiving.

*For a lost cat, please review our Community Cat Program 
                             = Click Here


Other resources offered at the shelter:


·        Review the shelters “Found Pets” Binder. This is where a community member has found a pet, made a report with us, but is housing the animal at their home. 

·        Review the shelters “Deceased On Arrival” Binder


If you know your pet is at the shelter, please click here.


Call or visit the shelter to fill out a lost animal report.
~To view our "Lost Animal Report", please click here.
~Once completed, please feel free to email a copy to us along with any pictures to: [email protected].


Check with other shelters in the area. For more information, please click here.


We recommend viewing the links provided above and or visiting the shelter every couple of days.


Make sure the microchip information is up to date.



Post on local social media sites for lost\found pets. For example,      Facebook = “Solano Besst Pets”, “Solano County Pets” and/or groups related to your specific city of residency.


File a report with websites who assist with reuniting pets and their owners. Examples of these websites are: NextDoor.com, PetHarbor.com, PetFinder.com, LostMyDoggie.com, LostMyKitty.com and Lost.PetcoLove.org.


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