Found Animals


           I found a PET in Solano County, what should I do?  

You may bring the animal to the shelter during regular business hours. Be advised, you will need to provide government issued identification.

*For a found cat, please see our Community Cat Program = Click Here


Call the appropriate agency to request pick up. For more information, click here.


Call or visit the shelter to fill out a found animal report.
~To view our "Found Animal Report", please click here.
~Once completed, please feel free to email a copy to us along with any pictures to: [email protected].

Visit the animal shelter to view our “Lost Animal” binder.


Bring the animal to the shelter or any local Veterinarian to have the animal scanned for a microchip.


Post on local social media sites for lost\found pets. For example,      Facebook = “Solano Besst Pets”, “Solano County Pets” and/or groups related to your specific city of residency.


File a found report with websites who assist with reuniting pets and owners. Examples of these websites are:,,,,

Be advised: If you choose to keep a found animal longer than 30 days, you have assumed the responsibility of ownership. This includes doing your due diligence to locate an owner as described above and feeding feral cats. Dogs must be licensed within 30 days of ownership.


   I found a KITTEN(S) in Solano County, what should I do? 
            Check out this informational video 
      about what to do if you find a kitten(s)
                        CLICK HERE
             (Must be opened in Edge or Chrome search engine)



   WILDLIFE questions or concerns?

Please visit Suisun Wildlife Center website:
Click Here

1171 Kellogg St, Suisun City
(707) 429-4295