Resident Survey

  Overall Satisfaction with County services                                                       Overall Satisfaction with customer service

Survey: Residents give County high marks

Solano County received high marks from its residents for quality of life, overall satisfaction with services, customer service, and importance of its strategic priorities, according to the 2008 Resident Survey. The phone survey of 1,000 residents found that:
  • 80 percent of residents were satisfied with their quality of life in Solano County, citing the most-liked features as location, weather and small-town atmosphere.
  • Top issues facing Solano County are crime (18%), transportation and traffic congestion (17%), the local economy (16%) and public education (10%).
  • 78% of residents reported they were satisfied with County services and programs, with Library services, elections, controlling pests and services via the County website at the top of the list in terms of resident satisfaction.
  • Two-thirds of residents used at least one County program or service in the last year, with residents stating most often that they used County libraries, County parks and open spaces, County streets and roads, elections and polling services, and health services.
  • 91% of residents gave County customer service a passing grade: Excellent 24%, Good 46%, and Fair 21%. The goal is to increase the excellent and good ratings.
  • Residents said the County is focusing on the right strategic priorities, with at least 81% of all 11 priority issues being rated as important to residents and eight of those priorities were rated as important by 90% or more of the residents.
  • Residents thought the County could do more to reduce crimes committed by youths ages 18 to 25, to attract businesses and to promote job opportunities, to reduce the number of repeat drug offenders and to reduce obesity.