Kids and Exercise
Nutrition and healthy eating are important and these go hand in hand with physical activity.  Finding safe, fun ways for kids to be active isn't hard! It's important to encourage free play as soon as children start crawling and walking. As your children grow, continue to support a healthy active lifestyle! 

Children Up to One Year Old
It is important for babies to play and be active. Physical activity helps babies develop their muscles and encourages them to explore the world around them.
  • Place your baby on his or her stomach for “tummy time” to help build neck and core muscles and prepare for crawling
  • Practice crawling with your baby outside on a blanket
  • Stretch your arms and wiggle your toes together
Children One to Two Years Old
When toddlers are active, they learn about their bodies, fine-tune their basic motor skills and sleep better at night. Physicians recommend toddlers participate in an hour and a half of daily activity for healthy development.
  • Play follow-the-leader, making sure to hop, jump and crawl along the way
  • Toss a ball with your toddler and practice coordination skills
  • Playfully chase your child in the house or on the playground and hug your toddler when you catch him or her
Children Three to Five Years Old
At least two hours of physical activity a day helps young children build their muscles as well as their imaginations. By exercising together, both you and your child stay physically fit and spend quality time as a family.
  • Dance to music
  • Play your favorite childhood games, such as hopscotch, leap frog and hide-and-seek
  • Go on a walk or hike to explore the outdoors