October: “Cavity Monsters”

“We shall never know all the good a simple smile can do.” – Mother Theresa

Tooth decay or cavities are the most common chronic condition in children. Almost 20% of children have tooth decay that has not been treated. Untreated tooth decay can cause your child pain and infection leading to more serious problems.

Dental care should begin as soon as your baby’s teeth are visible and regular dental appointments should begin during the first year. Developing good brushing habits at an early age will help your child have better oral care later in life.

Tips for Good Oral Hygiene

-          Use fluoride toothpaste to help prevent tooth decay.

-          Set a timer for two minutes so your children can understand how long to brush for.

-          Use a mirror so they can see which teeth are being brushed.

Colgate: Oral Health for Children

Mouth Healthy: Healthy Habits for Babies and Kids

Additional Observances: Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Sudden Infant Death Awareness Month.