May is Asthma Awareness Month

Fast Facts

1.  Asthma affects 23 million people, 7 million of which are children.
2.  12 million people had an asthma attack in the last year. 
3.  Asthma is an epidemic and it's doubtful that any family in the U.S. does not have at least one member affected by asthma and/or allergies.
4.  Solano County children have higher rates of Asthma than their peers in other counties.

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How Can You Tell if your Child Has Asthma?
Not all children have the same asthma symptoms, and these symptoms can vary from episode to episode in the same child. Possible signs & symptoms in children include:

  • Frequent coughing spells, which may occur during play, at night, or while laughing or crying
  • A chronic cough (which may be the only symptom)
  • Less energy during play
  • Rapid breathing (intermittently)
  • Complaint of chest tightness or chest "hurting"
  • Whistling sound when breathing in or out -- called wheezing.
  • See-saw motions in the chest from labored breathing. These motions are called retractions.
  • Shortness of breath, loss of breath
  • Tightened neck and chest muscles
  • Feelings of weakness or tiredness

While these are some symptoms of asthma in children, your child's doctor should evaluate any illness that complicates your child's breathing. Many pediatricians use terms like "reactive airways disease" or bronchiolitis when describing episodes of wheezing with shortness of breath or cough in infants and toddlers (even though these illnesses usually respond to asthma medications).