File a Complaint

File a Vacation House Rental (VHR) complaint 

Need to report noise, parking, trash, or other problems with a vacation house rental? Think there’s an illegal rental in your neighborhood?

We’re here to help! Submit VHR complaints by one of the methods below:

1.  24-hour VHR Complaint Hotline

The VHR Complaint Hotline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call (707) 402-9462 to report any issues.

When calling the Hotline, please be prepared to provide the Hotline with the VHR property address and the issue/nuisance occurring at the property.

Your information as a caller will be kept confidential.

It may be helpful (but is not mandatory) for callers to allow County representatives access to their adjoining yard to get a noise reading that may not be apparent from the street or front yard.

Please call the Hotline and not the Sheriff’s Department for VHR non-emergencies.

2.  Submit an Online VHR Complaint Form or Email 

Online complaint form:

Send emails to: [email protected].

3.  In-person or Call

For further help and questions in person or by phone, please contact staff of the Planning Services Division at (707) 784-6765 and speak with the Planner on Duty.

For complaints unrelated to VHRS, please contact Code Enforcement at (707) 784-6765.