Fee Schedule
Fee Schedule

 If you have any questions regarding recording fees, you may contact the Recorder's Office at [email protected].

Note: Fees based on receipt date of request.

Fee Schedule:  Effective July, 1, 2024
For a printable version of the fee schedule, please use the link below.
 Recorder Schedule of Fees.
Regular Recording Fee (Govt Code 27361 & 27361.4) effective 1/01/08
First page limited to 8.5" x 11" 13.00
Each additional page 3.00

Building Homes and Jobs Act SB2 Fee (Govt Code 27388.1) Effective 1/1/2018

Shall be paid at the time of recording of every real estimate instrument, paper or notice required or permitted by law to be recorded, except those expressly exempt from payment of recording fees, per single transaction.  Fee shall not exceed $225 per recording package.
SB2 Information Sheet 
Incentive Fee (AB 689 Govt Code 27361.5) effective 7/1/94
Incentive fee charged on all documents other than standard size of 8.5" x 11" each page of entire document
Combined Documents (Govt Code 27361.1 & 27361.4)
When two or more documents are serially incorporated into one form of sheet they will be considered two documents. Base fee
Additional pages 3.00
Additional document titles to be indexed 13.00
Real Estate Prosecution Trust Fund (Govt Code 27388) effective 1/1/2009
An additional charge on real estate instruments as defined: deed of trust, assignment of deed of trust, reconveyance, request for notice, notice of default substitution of trustee, notice of trustee sale and notice of rescission of declaration of default, abstract of judgement, affidavit, amended deed of trust, assignment of rents  assignment of leases, construction trust deed, covenants, conditions and restrictions, easement, lease, lien, mechanics lien, modification of deed of trust, notice of completion, lot line adjustment, quitclaim deed, release, subordination agreement, trustee's deed, any uniform commercial code amendment, assignment, continuation, statement or termination.
Penalty Print (Govt Code 27361)
Penalty print is charged on all documents with print smaller than 9 lines per vertical inch or 22 characters per inch horizontally per page
Release of Public Agency Liens (Govt Code 27361.3)
City and County Liens 20.00
Internal Revenue Liens 13.00
All other government agencies 20.00
Documents Requiring additional Indexing (Govt Code 27361.2)
Each reference to a previously recorded document after the first reference each 1.00
Financing Statements (UCC Code 9403-9407, Govt Code 27361) cover sheet required, effective 1/18/1995
UCC 1 - two or less pages     10.00 + 75.00
UCC 1 - three or more pages 20.00 + 75.00
UCC 3 & 5 - two or less pages 20.00 + 75.00
UCC 3 & 5 - three or more pages 30.00 + 75.00
Copies (Govt Code 27366)
First page of each document 9.00
Each additional page of each document 1.00
Certification (each document) 6.00
Search (per name, per year) .50
Fiche Frame 12.00
Filed Documents (Govt Code 27380)
Contract 5.00
Preliminary 20-Day Notice (AB 1938 Govt. Code 27361.9) effective 10/15/92 63.00
Notification of Involuntary Lien (AB 421 Govt Code 27297.5, 27387)
First debtor 9.00
Each additional debtor and address to be notified 9.00
Indexing of More than Ten Names (Govt Code 27361.8)
Each group of ten names or fractional portion thereof after the initial group of ten names
Vital Records (H&S CODE 10605) Fee applies to search for or sales of each record
Marriage 19.00
Death 26.00
Birth 34.00
Conformed Copies (One copy only)
One conformed copy will be returned after recording ONLY if a self addressed, stamped envelope is provided
Survey Monument Fee (Govt Code 27585)
per applicable document 10.00
Preliminary Change of Ownership Fee (R&T Code 480.3)
Charged when incomplete or not accompanying any document effecting a change of ownership
Filed Maps (Govt Code 27372)
First page 12.00 + 75.00
Each additional page 4.00

Assessor Fees
FY23.24 Assessor Copy and Mapping Fees