Unclaimed Money
Treasurers Trust Fund:
Per Government Code(s), the Treasurer maintains a Trust fund to account for unclaimed monies held by the County. The unclaimed funds report shows the money currently held and the name of the claimant or for deceased persons the name of the deceased and the relevant probate case number.

To make a claim on general funds, please contact the Treasury directly. For claims against the estate of a deceased person, you will need to contact the Solano County Superior Court, Solano County Public Administrator, or your own legal counsel to determine the current status of the estate. Please note, the Treasurer is not responsible for any costs incurred in the claiming of these funds. 

Probate Trust

Escheatment Process:
Funds held in Trust and not claimed will be escheated to the State of California or the County's General Fund, depending on the relevant code. To claim money escheated to the State of California, contact the State Controllers Office at 

Unclaimed Warrants:
On an annual basis, the official notice of stale dated warrants issued by various County Departments and Agencies is published in a newspaper of general circulation in Solano County. Once published, the unclaimed funds are held by the Treasurer for 60 days and then permanently escheated to the County General Fund. To claim these funds prior to escheatment, please complete the claim form and include all required documentation. Completed claim forms can be mailed to the:

Solano County Treasury
Attn: Stale Dated Warrants
675 Texas Street, Suite 1900
Fairfield, CA 94533

For claims in excess of $50 the form will need to be notarized.
If the claim form address is different than the original mailing address shown on the "Stale Dated Warrants" list, please include some form of proof related to the prior address. Proof can be in the form of a utility bill, rental agreement, or other official document showing claimants name and prior place of residence.

Claim Form

Outstanding Warrant Register

 The Solano County Auditor – Controller’s Office publishes a list of all outstanding warrants.

Solano County Auditor Unclaimed Money

Please contact them directly for additional information.

Tax Sale Excess Proceeds

For information regarding tax sale excess proceeds available please visit Tax Sale Excess Proceeds.