Information for Residents 

All residents play a major role in maintaining health and beauty of streams in their communities. The following links contain information on best management practices to reduce pollution and maintain healthy waterways. There are also educational materials for residents of all ages to inform you, your family, and your neighbors on the best ways to prevent pollution in your community.

Gardening and Pest Management

The way you garden is important to stream health and to the health of our families and pets. By choosing water-friendly landscaping choices, you can prevent pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers from potentially harming people, pets, and waterways, while minimizing the amount of water needed to upkeep your garden. The following links provide in-depth information on water-friendly gardening and pest management practices:

Education for Kids and Schools

Miscellaneous Stormwater and Pollution Prevention Information


Coastal Cleanup Day (Website

Want to get involved? If you would like to volunteer or have ideas or input on Solano County’s stormwater program, contact [email protected] to get in touch.