Solano County Pyrethroid Management Plan Announcement

In compliance with the Regional Water Quality Control Board Order R5-2017-005, the County has developed a pyrethroid management plan to reduce urban pyrethroid pesticide runoff that may negatively impact beneficial waterbodies. The County is currently working with other local agencies to:

  • Educate residents and businesses about the responsible use and application of pesticides
  • Create outreach materials in both English and Spanish to share with the public and pesticide applicators
  • Present information at local and professional events about best management practices in choosing and applying pesticides
  • Encourage smart irrigation and landscaping practices to reduce stormwater discharge that may contain pesticides

As the County works to implement the Pyrethroid Management Plan, we’ll provide updates on the more specific methods we’re using and supporting to protect our waterways and the environment from pyrethroid pesticides.

You can help immediately by visiting our Residents and Businesses stormwater webpages and learning more about pest management and stormwater pollution prevention.