Report an Illicit Discharge

It is illegal to release anything other than pollutant-free stormwater to the maximum extent practicable into Solano County’s stormwater conveyance system. In unincorporated Solano County, the stormwater conveyance system includes roadside ditches. The exemptions from illicit discharge prohibitions are as follows:
  • Water line flushing and other discharges from potable water sources 
  • Irrigation and lawn watering 
  • Rising ground waters or springs 
  • Passive foundation and footing drains 
  • Water from crawl space pumps and basement pumps 
  • Air conditioning condensate 
  • Noncommercial vehicle washing 
  • Natural flows from riparian habitats and wetlands 
  • Dechlorinated swimming pool discharges 
  • Flows from fire suppression activities, including fire hydrant flows 
  • Waters not otherwise containing wastes as defined in California Water Code Section 13050(d) and California Health and Safety Code Section 25117 
  • Diverted stream flows 
  • Uncontaminated ground water infiltration (as defined at 40 Code of Federal Regulation Section 35.2005(b)(20) to separate storm sewers 
  • Uncontaminated pumped ground water
If you observe an illicit discharge into Solano County’s roadside ditches that does not meet any exemption above, please complete one of the following: 

    1. Call (707) 784-6765 and ask to speak to Public Works Stormwater Staff. Describe observations using the Illicit Discharge Reporting Form below 

    2. Email Public Works Stormwater Staff at [email protected]. Fill out the Illicit Discharge Reporting Form below and attach to email 

        Illicit Discharge Reporting Form

Please note that if you wish to remain anonymous, Solano County staff will not contact you for follow-up information. This could inhibit an illicit discharge investigation.