Solano County
Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health (MCAH) Bureau
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  Winter 2014 - Volume 8, Issue

Mission Statement
The Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health (MCAH) Bureau of the Solano County Health and Social Services Department will assess, develop, preserve, and improve access and services for women, infants, children adolescents, and families in our communities. The Bureau promotes wellness and prevents disease, injury, and violence through advocacy, outreach, resource development, education, and collaboration with Department and community partners. The Bureau embraces the public health principles of assessments, assurance, and policy development.

Vision Statement

All women, infants, children, adolescents and families in Solano County will receive appropriate, quality, comprehensive health and social services that promote wellness and prevent disease, injury, and violence. This will result in healthy, responsible, and productive individuals and families.

Program Goals

1. Assure quality, comprehensive and coordinated perinatal care is accessible to Solano County residents.

2. Assure quality, comprehensive and coordinated reproductive care is accessible to all women of childbearing age.

3. Reduce Infant Morbidity and Mortality.

4. Reduce intentional and unintentional teen pregnancy.

5. All children in Solano County will have access to preventive health care services.

6. Reduce morbidity and mortality from pediatric injuries.

7. Families will live in violence free home environments.

8. Solano County will become a breastfeeding environment where women are encouraged and supported to breastfeed. The MCH Bureau will continue to collaborate with the Breastfeeding Task Force to recommend policies and influence policy decisions that support breastfeeding.

Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Bureau Programs

Adolescent & Family Life Planning (AFLP)
Helps prevent subsequent teen pregnancies; Helps teen parents graduate from high school

Black Infant Health (BIH)
Assists in reducing infant mortality rates for African American infants; Links at-risk pregnant/parenting women to prenatal care and other family services; Provides home visiting services, support, and education on breastfeeding and SIDS reduction

Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program (CPSP)
Clients or Providers

Improves the health of Medi-Cal eligible pregnant women; Gives babies a healthy start in life; Provides assessments and services (prenatal care, health education, nutrition and psychosocial support) up to 60 days after delivery; Provides postpartum breastfeeding support

Fetal and Infant Mortality Review (FIMR)
Enhances the health and well being of women, infants and families through the review of fetal and infant deaths in Solano County

Prenatal Care Guidance Program and Perinatal Outreach & Education

Assures early and continuous prenatal care; Educates pregnant women about abuse of tobacco and other drugs during pregnancy; Prevents serious medical problems in infants born to using women

BabyFirst Solano
Works to improve birth outcomes for infants born to teens, African Americans, and substance abusing women in Solano County; Aims to coordinate services, increase public awareness, partner with health care providers, identify barriers to care, and promote positive birth outcomes for Solano infants; Provides case management, mentoring, education, family support and planning, and assistance with accessing health care services


1. Assess and monitor maternal and child health status to identify and address problems.

2. Diagnose and investigate health problems and health hazards affecting women, children and youth.

3. Inform and educate the public and families about maternal and child health issues.

4. Mobilize community partnerships between policymakers, health care providers, families, the general public, and others to identify and solve maternal and child health problems.

5. Provide leadership for priority-setting, planning, and policy development to support community efforts to assure the health of women, children, youth and their families.

6. Promote and enforce legal requirements that protect the health and safety of women, children, and youth, and ensure public accountability for their well-being.

7. Link women, children, and youth to health and other community and family services, and assure access to comprehensive, quality systems of care.

8. Assure the capacity and competency of the public health and personal health workforce to effectively address maternal and child health needs.

9. Evaluate the effectiveness, accessibility, and quality of personal health and population based maternal and child health services.

10. Support research and demonstrations to gain new insights and innovative solutions to maternal and child health-related problems.

Toll Free Line 1(877) 680- 2229 or (707) 784-8540
Provides referrals regarding access to prenatal care and other services

Calendar of Events

The MCH Bureau and the MCAH Advisory Board keeps busy with many community events and public meetings. To see what is going on for Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health in Solano County CLICK HERE.

Questions and Contacts

To see a list of questions clients often have about Maternal and Child Health issues (such as, Where can I get prenatal care? or How can I get prenatal vitamins?) CLICK HERE.

Want to contact MCH Bureau staff? CLICK HERE!

Visit the website for the: California Department of Health Services Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Branch at http://www.mch.dhs.ca.gov