Collective Impact (CI) is a process with five key elements: common agenda, shared measures, mutually-reinforcing activities, continuous communication, and “backbone” resources and occurs when organizations from different parts of a community agree to solve a specific social problem. and collectively work towards a shared goal(s) by creating a plan and strategies, measuring how they are doing in reaching the shared goal, making sure community activities and programs  complement each other; sharing information and staying informed and involved in efforts; and identifying ongoing and needed resources for support – the result will be a greater, positive impact in our communities.  In Solano County,  theses efforts are called Solano Kids Thrive.

The First 5 Solano Children and Families Commission seeded the development of a county-wide Collective Impact Plan for young children with the goal of sustaining and strengthening the overall Solano County early childhood system.  Helping kids be emotionally, socially and physically healthy early, helps create a foundation for them to thrive throughout their lives.  Solano Kids Thrive started with interested community and agency partners meeting to identify shared concerns, developing a shared vision of what it means in Solano for a child to thrive, and  brainstorming ways to create systems change, mobilize existing resources for children of all ages.

Solano Kids Thrive is guided by a Leadership Team of representatives from major sectors of the early childhood system (government agencies, education, and non-profit providers), with input from those that are providers of children’s services in the community.  In an effort to improve coordination of resources and services to address the barriers and gaps within the early childhood systems, Solano Kids Thrive has developed a common agenda and related goals.

Solano Kids Thrive Description
Solano Kids Thrive Year 1 summary