Change My Child Support Amount

The process of reviewing an existing child support order to determine if the amount of child support needs to be changed is called a Modification or Review and Adjustment (R&A). Solano County Department of Child Support Services will proceed with modifying a child support order if the amount changes by 20% or $50, whichever is less. An R&A may result in an increase or decrease in child support.

There must be a significant change in circumstance(s) that is expected to last at least 90 days to request an R&A. Below are some examples:

  • Change in income or employment.
  • New biological child from a different relationship.
  • New court order for child support for a child from a different relationship.
  • New or increased child care expenses.
  • Change in custody or visitation.
  • Change in health insurance premiums.
  • Incarceration, Institutionalized or In-Patient Rehab.
  • Receiving or terminating of Public Assistance.
  • Deployed to active military service or return from deployment.
  • Total and permanent disability.
  • Receiving Social Security Income (with no other income) or termination of SSI.

Before requesting an R&A, please review the information on the link below to determine if an R&A is appropriate for your situation.

Review and Adjustment