Payment Information

PAYMENTS ARE CREDITED AS OF THE DATE THE PAYMENT IS RECEIVED AT THE STATE DISBURSEMENT UNIT (SDU). If the payment is not received by the SDU by the last day of the month, interest will accrue on the unpaid balance. ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE SENT DIRECTLY TO THE SDU. 

All child support payments must be sent to and disbursed by the SDU. The centralization of payment processing offers direct deposit of disbursements from the SDU and electronic transfer of payments to the SDU. The SDU has an electronic help desk to provide assistance to custodial parties, non-custodial parents, employers and other states using electronic processes to make or receive payments. For more information about electronic transfer of payments, please contact the SDU Electronic Help Desk at 1-866-901-3212 or visit the SDU website by clicking the link below.

SDU Website

For information on submitting payments click on the link below and select the Payment Information tab.

Employer Payments