Division Description and Functionality

The Grants Division is a unit of the Auditor-Controller's Office that provides various services and information to taxpayers, Board of Supervisors, County Administrator's Office, County Departments, Federal, State, local agencies, external auditors, and the general public. Collectively, we perform the following functions:

  • Provides county-wide general supervision and monitors all Federal and State assistance programs
  • Performs special projects which include but not limited to the following:
    • Prepares of the County-wide Cost Plan (COWCAP) 
    • Calculates the county's Daily Jail Rate, Revocation Fee, and Booking Fee 
    • Compiles data and assists the departments in the preparation and filing of the SB 90 Reimbursement Claims 
    • Monitors some fiscal functions of the courts, WDB, OES, DCSS, and DHHS 
    • Conducts training workshops on all areas under its supervision 
    • Compiles SEFA and coordinates the Single Audit with external auditors