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Court, County appoint Farrah as Chief Probation Officer

April 29, 2024

SOLANO COUNTY – After a nationwide recruitment, the Solano County Superior Court, in coordination with Solano County Board of Supervisors, is pleased to announce that Dean Farrah has been selected as Chief Probation Officer for Solano County.  Farrah, who has been serving as the department’s Interim Chief of Probation for the past six months, assumed the new role on April 28, 2024. 

“The judges of the Solano County Superior Court are unanimous in their belief that Dean Farrah is extraordinarily well-qualified to serve as our next Chief Probation Officer,” said Alesia Jones, Presiding Judge, Solano County Superior Court.  “He has worked as a probation professional for nearly three decades, and we look forward to his leadership in working with the Court, the County, and the community in coordinating services and programs for adult and juvenile offenders to encourage rehabilitation and reduce recidivism.” 

As Chief Probation Officer, Farrah will provide leadership, direction, and oversight to a department of 228 employees, the administration of a $55 million-dollar annual operating budget, and assume responsibility for all juvenile and institutional operations, including field and court programming.  As part of his role in the community, Farrah will serve as Chair of the Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council and the Community Corrections Partnership, and as a member of the Solano County Law Enforcement Administrators Association.       

“Dean Farrah understands the critical balance between keeping the public safe and supporting the rehabilitation those who have earned a second chance," says Mitch Mashburn, District 5 Supervisor and Chair of the Board of Supervisors. "His strong but fair approach as a leader coupled with his innovative ideas and successful programs makes him the obvious choice to serve as our Chief Probation Officer.  Solano County is in good and capable hands with Dean at the helm of Probation."  

Farrah started his career in public service in 1995 as a Juvenile Detention Officer with Madera County Probation.  Since then, he has served in many capacities, all within the field of probation.  In 1997 Farrah joined the Santa Barbara County Probation Department as a Juvenile Institutions Officer, Senior.  Over the next 19 years, he served in multiple capacities, receiving several promotions along the way, including Deputy Probation Officer, Supervising in the Institutions and Juvenile divisions, and Probation Manager for the Juvenile, Institutions and Adult divisions.  

Farrah was hired to serve as the Superintendent / Division Chief of the Probation Department’s Juvenile Detention Facility for the Solano County Department of Probation in 2016.  He was promoted to Chief Deputy Probation Officer in 2021.  In July 2023, Farrah was appointed as the Interim Chief Probation Officer when Christopher Hansen, the former Chief of Probation retired.  Since then, Farrah has been managing all department operations, including the coordination and direction of all Probation-related activities with the Courts and County administration.  

Farrah earned a bachelor’s degree in organizational management from Antioch University in Santa Barbara.  He is a member of several probation-related professional organizations, including the California Association of Probation Service Administrators, the California Probation, Parole and correctional Association, the National Partnership for Juvenile Services, the Solano County Law Enforcement Commanders, the Chief Probation Officers of California, and the Solano County Law Enforcement Administrators Association.  Farrah has graduated from several probation training courses and is the recipient of multiple awards, including, and not limited to the recipient of the California Association of Probation Institutions Administrators Supervisor of the Year Award, 2003 – Southern Region.   

The selection of Chief Probation officer for Solano County is a collaborative effort between the Solano County Superior Court and County.  California law assigns the responsibility for the appointment of the Chief Probation Officer to the Superior Court, while at the same time, the responsibility for funding the position to the County Board of Supervisors.  The Chief Probation Officer is a member of the Solano County government executive management team and reports to the County Administrator.  

Visit the Solano County Probation website at for more information on the Adult, Juvenile and Administration divisions, and by calling (707) 784-7600.  Check out Solano County Probation on Facebook at (@SolanoProbation).  

Visit the Solano County Superior Court website at https://Solano.Courts.Ca.Gov.