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First 5 Solano Purchases Former Beverly Hills Elementary School Paving the Way for the First Multi-Agency Early Learning Center in California

January 12, 2024

First 5 Solano announces that it has purchased the former Beverly Hills Elementary School, located at 1450 Coronel Ave., Vallejo, Calif., clearing the way for construction of the First Multi-Agency Early Learning Center in California. The center, slated to be completed in June 2026, will be a hub for early learning that will provide a variety of early care and education opportunities for infants through preschoolers and families of all income levels, while creating economic opportunities for providers and filling a critical need in the county. 

"This is a proud moment for Solano County and reflective of our commitment to supporting children 5 and younger," said Supervisor Erin Hannigan. “I applaud First 5 Solano for envisioning the Vallejo Early Learning Center, and all the community partners who came together to help make it a reality. This will impact the lives of children and families for generations.”  

“The Vallejo Early Learning Center is a critical need in Solano County,” said Supervisor Monica Brown. “Early education is what the future of society rests on.”  

The ELC will provide over 200 early learning and childcare slots. The community will be at the core of this new center, which will house 18 classrooms occupied by up to five early care and education providers. The classrooms will be operated by up to 5 different Early Learning & Childcare Provider agencies. These agencies will work together with the facility operator, Child Start, Inc., and will function as a cohesive early learning facility, where children and families can participate in school events and be part of a support system of resources provided at the Center.  

The innovative hub will serve as a family- and community-centered facility, aimed at serving not only children, but their families for long-term stability and success. 

The Center will provide a wide range of services for families and the community, including:

●      Connection to public assistance, health and social services programs;

●      Social services, including CalWORKS and CalFRESH support;

●      Community food pantry, designed as a bodega;

●      Basic needs support for families;

●      Parent education, and more

 “The Vallejo Early Learning Center will be a place where caring for young children means caring for the whole family,” says Michele Harris, Executive Director of the First 5 Solano Children and Families Commission. “This center is an investment in the health and well-being of our children, their families, and our communities, and I am grateful for the support of the County and our partners. This is a center that will transform the lives of children and families for generations to come, and in doing so, transform our communities. In every way, this is a legacy project that we can all be proud of.” 

Child Start, Inc. will function as the owner of the facility and operate multiple classrooms. Child Start will lease the remaining classrooms to early education providers. All eligible children served by Child Start will be enrolled in the high-quality Head Start Program at no cost.

“Child Start is honored to partner with First 5 Solano to provide quality early care, education, and social services to some of the County's most under-resourced children and families,” says Juan Cisneros, Executive Director of Child Start Inc. “Child Start’s goal as both the owner and operator of the ELC is to ensure that, across all childcare options, children leave the ELC excited about and prepared for school and families increase their capacity to support their children throughout their entire educational journey.”

Renovations to the facility will begin in March. 

For more information about the Vallejo Early Learning Center, contact Michele Harris at [email protected].

About First 5 Solano
First 5 Solano funds programs and services to support Solano County’s youngest children (0-5) and their families while strengthening early childhood systems to support future generations. As one of the most diverse counties in the nation, First 5 Solano’s mission and values are deeply rooted in: Equity, Accessibility, Sustainability, Advocacy, Collaboration, Respect, and Representation. We aim to create an equitable and inclusive culture that fosters acceptance and respect for diversity. In doing so, we seek to deepen understanding and knowledge among children, families, staff, and community partners of diverse backgrounds, cultivate empathy and collaboration, and promote well-being among our staff, partners and the communities we serve. First 5 Solano celebrates and is enriched by the diversity of our whole community.