Registrar of Voters – Current Election Info

Can I go to my prior county of residence and vote?
No. You will be registered to vote in Solano County as soon as you move and update either your DMV records, post office records, or complete a new voter registration form. If you moved to Solano County after to the registration deadline, you can vote a Conditional Voter Registration (CVR) in the office of the ROV anytime before or including election day. You are eligible to vote in the county you reside in as soon as you reside in that county. There are no residency requirements in California

How do I get election results on election night?
The website will have real time results beginning approximately 8:15 p.m. on the main page of our website.

Where is my polling location?
You can do the following to determine your polling place:

Use our online look up form.

You can call the automated system at 707-784-6675

Your polling place name and address are located on the front of your sample ballot.

Who are our candidates, elected, and appointed officials?
You can find information on Elected and Appointed Office on our List of Offices

Information about current elections can be found on our website as it becomes available.

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