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Where is your office located?

The Department of Human Resources’ Office is located at 675 Texas Street, Suite 1800, Fairfield, CA 94533.

What is the best way to submit required documents?

The best way to submit documents is to upload them and to submit them with your employment application. If you are unable to do so, you can submit by email. Just make sure to submit the documents by the filing deadline date or by the deadline date indicated on the job announcement.

I am trying to attach my documents to my application, but its not working. How do I submit them?

You may email your documents to [email protected]. Be sure to include the name you applied under along with the recruitment title in your email. Please review the job announcement for the deadline to submit documents.

Note: You cannot attach any documents after you have already submitted your employment application. It is recommended that you attach your documents separately (e.g., DD214, resume, college transcript).

What is an ‘open and continuous’/ ‘open until filled’ position?

This means that the recruitment is ongoing until the position has been filled.

What’s the difference between an “open competitive” recruitment and a “Departmental or Countywide promotional” recruitment?

All qualified applicants are welcome to apply for an “open competitive” recruitment. Departmental or Countywide recruitments are only open to current County employees. You are encouraged to review the job announcement to see if the recruitment is restricted to current County employees.

The job I am interested in isn’t open. How can I find out when the job will be available?

On our website, you have the ability to request to be notified via email or text when specific recruitments are opened. Click on the link labeled Notify Me of New Jobs and follow the instructions. If a recruitment opens within 12 months of your interest submittal, you will be sent notification (e.g., email or text) informing you that there is a job posting and inviting you to apply for the position.

I don't have a computer. Where can I find a computer to complete my application?

You are welcome to use any of the public access computers at your local library. We also have computers available in our lobby for County job applications. Our office is located at 675 Texas Street, Suite 1800, Fairfield, CA 94533. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m., except on County designated holidays.

How do I apply for a job?
Online applications are available at Just click on the position you are interested in and follow the link to the online job application. When applying, be sure to completely review the job announcement, which identifies key information about the recruitment, including the minimum requirements (e.g., experience, education, certification) required for the position, filing deadlines, required documents, examination dates and more!

Can I submit a hard copy or paper application?

Applications must be submitted through the JobAps system. Paper copies of applications are not accepted.

What if I dont have an email?

There are many email service providers, including free accounts. Listed below are some that you may be familiar with.

Email Service


How to Sign Up

Google Gmail

Click on “Create an account”

Microsoft Outlook

Click on “Sign up now”

Yahoo Mail

Click on “Mail,” then click on “Create Account”


Click on “Get a Free Username”

Once you have an email address, you are ready to create a Solano County JobAps account and apply for current job openings.

What is the status of my application?

You can check the status of your application anytime by logging on to your JobAps account. You can also view any notices sent to you on your JobAps account.

Can you check my application to make sure it’s alright?

Unfortunately, we are unable to check applications for accuracy or completeness. Please refer to the specific job announcement for application, job and supporting documentation requirements and check your application carefully before submitting it. It is important to clearly state your job experience and completed education that qualifies for the job and to submit all required documentation as stated in the job announcement.

Where do I get a typing certificate or Microsoft Word/Excel certificate?

Many temporary staffing agencies will administer the exam and issue a certificate. We recommend that you bring a copy of the job announcement with you to the temporary staffing agency to ensure that they are issuing the correct certificate. Please note that we do not accept certificates issued from an online (internet) source.

What are the requirements for a typing or other Microsoft Word/Excel certificate?

The certificate must be signed by the agency administering the exam. The certificate must not be more than 12 months old at time of application. We do not accept certificates issued from an online source. Any versions of Microsoft Word or Excel are acceptable, but please refer to the job announcement for the minimum skill level required.

I just applied for another position. Can you use the documentation from my first application?

Each recruitment is processed separately, so please follow the document submittal guidelines for each application. Unfortunately, we are unable to transfer documents between job applications.

Do I need to submit a DD214?

You only need to submit a DD214 if you are applying for a Civil Service position and you have served in the military and wish to claim Veterans' Preference Points. To be eligible, applicants must have served at least 181 consecutive days of active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States and have received either an honorable discharge or a general discharge under honorable conditions. A copy of the DD214, showing discharge type, must be received in the Human Resources Department by the final filing date.

Veteran applicants applying for initial County employment in a Civil Service position with an honorable or general discharge under honorable conditions shall have five (5) points added to their combined score. Disabled veterans (rated at not less than 30% disability) shall have ten (10) points added to their combined score. Veteran preference points will only be added to passing scores in competitive open examinations.

How can I get my user name and/or password?

If you don't know your User ID, please visit:
If you forgot your password, please visit:

If you are unsuccessful in retrieving your UserID or password using the links provided, call the Human Resources Department at (707) 784-6170 during the Department of Human Resources’ business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m., except during County designated holiday), and we will be happy to assist you.

My email address changed. What do I do?
Please email [email protected] or please go to the Department of Human Resources’ Office, and you will be asked to fill out a Change of Email Address form. Please plan accordingly when placing this request. It may up to two (2) working days from the date of request to complete this request.

I moved. How do I update my address on my job applications?

On our website,, please click on the link labeled "update my contact info" and follow the on-screen instructions. You will need the user name and password you created at the time you applied.

Who do I call about a problem with JobAps?

Please contact the Department of Human Resources’ Office at (707) 784-6170, and we will try to assist you.

Are practice exams available for this recruitment?
Solano County cannot recommend any specific study materials for our exams. There are general, non-specific civil service practice tests offered online at the Solano and Napa County online Learning Express Hub:

Alternative: Solano County Library offers access to the Learning Express Hub, which offers online general civil service practice tests and e-books to help you prepare.

Please review the job announcement or class specification for knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for the position for which you are applying. This will assist you in identifying possible topics to be covered during an examination.

How do I prepare for an Oral Board Exam?

We have a guide available on our website. You can access the guide here,

I received a disqualification notice that stated I did not meet the minimum qualifications. Can I appeal this disqualification?

You may only appeal the disqualifications for Civil Services positions. Disqualification appeals must be received within five (5) calendar days from the date of the disqualification notice. Your written appeal may be submitted in person at Human Resources at 675 Texas Street, Suite 1800, Fairfield, CA 94533 or by fax at (707)784-3424, or via e-mail at [email protected].

I received a disqualification notice, what must I include in my appeal?

Include the recruitment title and recruitment number, the reason for your appeal, any documents required for the recruitment that were not submitted prior to the final filing deadline date, and/or clarification of the experience listed on your application. 

For ALL appeals: Include the recruitment title and recruitment number, the reason for your appeal, and/or clarification of the experience listed on your application.
To appeal a document-based disqualification:

  • Review the “Document Submittal Requirements” section of the recruitment’s job announcement to determine what documents must be submitted. If the recruitment has closed, visit the Closed Job Status Board, and click on the Job Title with the matching Job Number in your disqualification notice.
  • Submit any documents (e.g. degree, transcripts, license, certificate, etc.) required for the recruitment that were not submitted prior to the final filing deadline date.
  • Ensure the documents you submit are complete and include all required information. Reasons why documents may not be complete are:
    • unofficial transcripts submitted that do not list the school/college/university attended
    • transcripts provided that do not have the degree earned and/or confer date listed
    • unacceptable skills test certificates (e.g., typing, word processing, etc.) submitted because they have been obtained from the internet (online)

To appeal an experience-based disqualification:
  • Review the “Position Requirements” section of the recruitment’s job announcement to determine what the education and experience requirements of the position are. If the recruitment has closed, visit the Closed Job Status Board, and click on the Job Title with the matching Job Number in your disqualification notice.
  • In your appeal, ensure that you provide a clear and detailed explanation of how the experience listed on your application meets the experience requirement of the position. Please note, we cannot consider additional experience not outlined in your submitted application.

Tips for Successfully Applying

  • Read the job announcement thoroughly before you submit your application. Pay attention to the “Position Requirements” and the “Document Submittal Requirements” sections of the job announcement.
  • To assist you in tailoring your application for the job, you can review the class specification (job description) that is linked in the “Position Requirements” section of the job announcement.
  • One application does not fit all. List all work experience emphasizing experience directly related to the position for which you are applying. To do so, your employment history listed in your application should highlight your experience that is directly related to the experience requirement listed in the job announcement under “Position Requirements” and the experience requirement outlined in the class specification.
  • Resumes are not accepted in lieu of completing the application. Ensure that any experience that you believe qualifies you for the job is reflected in your application’s employment history. You will be evaluated based on the information provided on the application. When completing employment details, do not write "see resume", as resumes will not be reviewed and this will be considered an incomplete application. 
  • Make sure you update the dates listed under employment history in your application, especially if you a reusing a previously submitted application. Pay attention to your most recent employment end date, as this does not automatically populate to today’s date.
  • Have you promoted with the same employer? Be sure to break out each promotion in your employment history separately by listing the same employer multiple times with the specific dates you held each position.
  • Qualifying in previous recruitments does not guarantee qualification for the current or future recruitment. If there was an oversight in the previous recruitment review, the County will not continue to allow candidates to move forward in the process if they do not meet the minimum qualifications of the position.
  • Many of the jobs we recruit for require documentation to verify education and/or licenses. All required documentation is listed in the job announcement under “Document Submittal Requirements.” While there are multiple ways to provide the required documentation for the job, we encourage applicants to submit documents by attaching them to the online application. You can confirm they are attached when you review your final application as outlined below.
  • Prior to clicking “submit” the system provides the opportunity to review your entire application. Take this time to review your application and ensure you attached all required documents.

I failed the exam, what was my score? Can you tell me what areas I need to work on?

Unfortunately, we are unable to disclose non-passing exam scores or provide feedback on exam performance.

I have a disability. How can I get an accommodation during the exam process?

When requesting an accommodation, it is important to submit your request as soon as possible to provide sufficient notice so we can properly arrange for the requested accommodation. Complete a "Request for Testing Accommodation by Applicants with Disabilities" Form, and submit the form prior to the final filing date, or, for open and continuous recruitments, five (5) calendar days from the submittal of your application. The form is available online at Request Form for Testing Accommodation, or in hard copy in the Human Resources Department. You will be contacted to discuss your request.

If you are invited to participate in a hiring interview and you need an accommodation, you MUST submit another request to the Department of Human Resources by the response deadline date provided by the hiring department. Human Resources will evaluate the request, as the testing process and interview processes can vary. Use the same request form, “Request for Testing Accommodation by Applicants with Disabilities.”

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