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As a provider on the Registry, how do I get referred to consumers?
We will send your name to the consumers who are looking for a care provider. We will ask them about their needs and provider preferences. We enter this information into the database, which identifies the providers who best meet the consumer’s criteria. Those names will then be mailed to the consumer, who is responsible for calling the providers as soon as possible to set up interviews. The consumer is responsible for hiring the provider of his/her choice, setting the work schedule, signing time sheets, supervising, and firing providers.

Do I need an answering machine or voice mail to be a Registry provider?
While it is not required to have an answering machine or voicemail, it is highly recommended. One of the keys to finding work through the Registry is being accessible in a timely manner.
HINT: Answering machine messages should be professional, spoken clearly, and not have any background noise or music.

Does being on the registry guarantee me work?
The Registry is a referral service. It is not an employment agency and does not guarantee work.

How do I apply for In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS)?
You must contact IHSS at (707) 784-8259. They can answer eligibility questions and schedule you for an in-home assessment with an IHSS Social Worker.

How does the Registry make referrals?
When a IHSS consumer is looking for a provider, we ask them questions and then try to make matches based on:

  • The kind of assistance they need, personal or non-personal care
  • The authorized number of In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) provider hours
  • Where they live
  • Who they would prefer to help them (such as a female or male provider)
  • When they need the provider to assist them (such as in the morning three days a week)

When a list of providers is created from the data base, it is sent to the consumer or their contact person. The consumer may call the provider to discuss the job. If both parties are interested, the consumer will invite any provider on the list to come for an interview.

During the interview, both the provider and consumer should make sure that they are comfortable with each other, the type of work to be done and the schedule desired. It is best to make a contract that both of you sign before a provider begins work.

The Public Authority can provide information about how to write a contract, create a task schedule, what  rights and responsibilities providers and consumers have and other care giving issues.

I am already an IHSS Consumer and I need help looking for a care provider. What do I do?
Call your social worker at IHSS. They will send the referral to the Public Authority. Our registry social worker will then contact you and ask you some basic information about yourself and what your needs are. Based on your needs, we will customize a list of providers willing to work in your area and able to perform you're domestic and personal care needs.

I am interested in working for the Public Authority as a provider. What do I have to do?
Call the Public Authority at (707) 784-8200 to find out when is the next registry recruitment class. You must attend the recruitment class and fill out the interest form.  After the recruitment class, you must be selected to be interviewed with our staff. If you complete all steps to the satisfaction of the Public Authority and are accepted onto the Registry, then your information is entered into the computer database.

If a consumer is being abused or neglected, what do I do?
As an IHSS provider, you are MANDATED by law to report all cases of abuse/neglect to Adult Protective Services (APS) at (707) 784-8259 or (800) 850-0012. Even if you are unsure if the consumer is being abused, you must call the consumer’s IHSS Social Worker or APS to report all suspected abuse. All reporters of suspected abuse can remain anonymous. If you fail to report suspected abuse/neglect, you could face imprisonment and/or a fine.

Once accepted to the Public Registry, how often do I need to update my availability?
You must call to check in every month to let us know if you are still looking for work and if any information has changed. If we do not hear from you, you will be made inactive and not referred for potential jobs.

What are my responsibilities as an IHSS Consumer?
In order to preserve personal choice, consumers do all hiring, interviewing, setting work schedules, signing timesheets, supervising, and firing. If you feel you need help with these responsibilities, call your IHSS Social Worker.

What benefits are available?
Providers who work a MINIMUM of 65 hours per month for TWO CONSECUTIVE MONTHS are eligible for Medical, Vision and Dental Insurance. There are currently 525 providers covered by the plan. Providers who become newly eligible are placed on a waiting list.

What is the pay rate?
The current pay is $12.00 per hour.

What the Public Authority does not do?
The Public Authority does not employ providers. We do our best to help providers find work; however, listing with our registry is not a guarantee of employment.

What will be on my customized list?
Customized lists include between 5 and 7 names of screened and trained providers who meet the criteria you gave the Registry. The lists will have the provider's name, telephone number, completed training and certificates. If you hire a care provider from your list, call the Public Authority at (707)784-8200 to get the enrollment paperwork.

Which Union do I contact concerning provider issues?
Please contact SEIU ULTCW at (877) 698-5829
2515 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90057

Who is my employer?
The In Home Supportive Services consumer.

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