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Does the County have plans to sell the Fairgrounds property?
No, the County has consistently stated that it does not intend to sell the Fairgrounds property.

Does the vision include potential synergies between the Fairgrounds property and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom?
Yes, with more than 1.5 million visitors a year, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is a major attractor to the area, and the vision includes increased physical connectivity and synergy between the Fairgrounds and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

What is the future of horse racing at the site?
The Vision Report does not contemplate horse racing on the site.

What is the potential economic impact of the redevelopment of the Fairgrounds?
Based upon the mix of uses contemplated in the vision, at full build-out the project has the potential to bring 2,500 permanent jobs, 5,700 temporary construction jobs, and more than $500 million in new investment in Solano County.

What is the timing of the redevelopment process?
The conceptual vision was approved in June of 2009. The next step is the development of a financial model based upon the approved Vision. This process is underway and will continue through 2009. Once the analysis is complete, the formal planning and approval process, which will include environmental review, will begin. This must be accomplished prior to any redevelopment beginning on the site and will take approximately two years. When the approvals are in place, the permitting process can begin for infrastructure and buildings.

What types of uses are contemplated in the Vision Report?
The Solano360 Vision Report includes a mix of complementary land uses that are seamlessly integrated. The Public Entertainment Zone and Fair of the Future are the heart of the project. The Public Entertainment Zone provides an active gathering place which would be home to a waterside pedestrian trail, restaurants, public art, shops, terraced seating and water related activities. The Fair of the Future continues the 60-year tradition of the annual Solano County Fair and includes areas for a world-class exhibition hall, demonstration farm, exploration island and multi-use sports fields. A potential arena for special events and concerts, additional sports fields and a mix of hospitality, office and retail make up the balance of the project vision. Click here to read the Vision Report.

Where is the Solano County Fairgrounds located?
The Fairgrounds property is located at 900 Fairgrounds Drive in Vallejo, California. The 149-acre property is situated along I-80 and Highway 37, just across from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Google Map

Will the annual County Fair continue to be held at the site?
Yes. There are no plans to eliminate the Fair at the site.

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