Child Support Services - Non-Custodial Party

How can I make sure you received my payment for my child support case?

You can check on your payments at any time by calling (866) 901-3212 or online by clicking on Customer Connect.  Check out the Self Service page for more information.

How long do I have to pay child support?

Child support generally continues until the minor child emancipates or until otherwise noted in the child support order. Under California law, a parent’s obligation to pay support continues until the child becomes 18 years old or graduates from high school until their 19th birthday.

How will my employer know how much money to take out of my pay check to pay child support?

After the court decides the amount of child support, a wage assignment (called an Income Withholding Order) is mailed to your employer with instructions on how much to deduct and where to send the payment.

How will the court decide how much child support I have to pay?

The amount of child support is based on the income of both parents (allowing for certain deductions) and the amount of time each parent cares for the child. The court uses child support guidelines provided by the California Family Code.

If I lose my job do I still have to pay child support?

Yes, but inform the Solano County DCSS right away. Ask your Child Support Specialist to review your case. The court may modify the child support order if you lost your job through no fault of your own.

My child lives with me now, can I change the support order?

Yes. When there is a change in visitation or custody of the child, you can either go to court to ask for a change in the child support order or you may ask the Solano County DCSS to modify the court order. You may be able to reduce child support or begin receiving child support from the other parent.

My driver''s license has been suspended due to child support.  How can I get a release?

To get a release of your driver''s license, you must contact the local child support agency handling your child support case.  They can assist you in making arrangements to obtain a release.

What should I do when I get a summons and complaint?

You have 30 days to respond (file an Answer) to the Summons and Complaint. A blank Answer is supplied with the Summons and Complaint. If you disagree with any item on the Summons and Complaint, complete the Answer and file it with the Superior Court clerk within 30 days. Please provide a copy of the completed Answer to DCSS. If you agree with the Summons and Complaint, or your would like additional information, you may call the Solano County DCSS or Family Law Facilitator to discuss the case.

Who can I talk to about a tax intercept or bank levy?

The Department of Child Support Services can answer your questions or refer you to the appropriate local child support agency.  You can reach them at (866) 901-3212.

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