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After I submit a check to the Program, why can't I take the money if the check writer wants to pay the check off at my store?
Once a bad check has been submitted to the Bad Check Restitution Program, the check writer is given the opportunity to participate in the pre-trial diversion program or face possible criminal prosecution. Because the bad check is now part of a legal proceeding (in either instance), it must be resolved through the Bad Check Restitution Program.

Note: Merchants that accept payment for a worthless check that has been submitted to the Bad Check Restitution Program can be barred from further use of the Program.

Can I get reimbursement for a bank service fee from the Program?
Yes. The Bad Check Restitution Program can require the check writer to a pay service fee (up to $15 per check) to cover bank charges a victim incurs in handling the worthless check.

Can I put more than one check on a Bad Check Crime Report?
Yes. You can put multiple checks on the report BUT, all the checks on the report must have been received from a single check writer.

How do I make a payment on a check that has been referred to your Office?
Payments may either be made by:

Please mail a cashier’s check or money order made payable to the Bad Check Program to:

P.O. Box 234
Fairfield, CA. 94533

Walk-in payments are accepted at our Office, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00pm. Our Office NO LONGER ACCEPTS CASH PAYMENTS. Only cashier’s checks and money orders are accepted when paying in person. Our Office is located at:

Solano County District Attorney’s Office
675 Texas St.
Suite 4500 (4th floor)
Fairfield, CA. 94533

How do I register for the DA Bad Check Restitution Program?
You can register on-line or download a Registration Form from the "Download Forms" section of this site. After you register, you will receive a Merchant's Registration Number and a Merchant's Bad Check Protection Kit. As soon as you are registered, you can begin to submit worthless checks you have received.

How much do I pay for the District Attorney's Office to enforce payment of my check?
NOTHING! There is NO COST for this service to merchants and other victims of bad checks. The Bad Check Restitution Program requires the check writer to pay the full amount of the check - plus any bank fees - to the victim. The check writer also pays the administrative costs of the program, so it costs other taxpayers nothing as well.

If I have stores in another state, can I also submit the worthless checks passed at those stores?
For a check to qualify it must have been passed within Solano County. Bad checks passed in other counties or states may be submitted to the District Attorney's Office for that jurisdiction. Not all jurisdictions have this type of pre-complaint diversion program. Check with the local District Attorney's Office or Prosecutor's Office to see if you can submit the check to them.

What can I do about a worthless check that is returned because the Program can't prosecute the case?
There are several reasons that the Bad Check Restitution Program might not be able to enforce restitution: the check writer has moved and can not be located, the check writer has died and the check is a part of an estate settlement, or insufficient identification was taken at the time of the transaction. Such checks will be held at the Check Enforcement Program in an inactive status. If we receive additional information about the check or check writer, the check can be re-activated and further investigation can take place. However, if you prefer, the check can be returned to you. At that point, you may wish to pursue the matter through small claims court, a collection agency, or with the help of a private attorney.

What can I do about worthless checks that don't qualify for the Bad Check Restitution Program?
Checks that fall outside the boundaries of the Program, usually take one of two possible paths. If the check is considered part of a civil matter, you can pursue the check writer in small claims court, through a collection agency, or with the help of a private attorney. If it an obvious criminal matter - for example, a counterfeit or forged check - it should be immediately referred to the police.

What can I do to make sure a check qualifies for prosecution?
Please see Guidelines for Handling Checks. These are the steps that a person should take to insure that all checks are handled properly at the time of the transaction. If one or another of these steps is overlooked, the check may not qualify for the Bad Check Restitution Program.

If you have a question about a particular check case, please contact the Bad Check Restitution Program.

What do I do if I think a check is forged?
Forged checks should be immediately submitted to your Police Department or Sheriff's Office.

When will I receive the money the Program recovers?
Restitution for bad checks collected by the Program will be mailed to you within ten (10) business days of the date it was received.

Why can't I submit any check that was refused by the bank?
Certain checks are not eligible for the Bad Check Restitution Program. Some of these are considered civil matters - not a criminal offense. Counterfeit or forged checks are considered more serious criminal matters and the check writer is not eligible for a pre-trial diversion program and must face prosecution. Other worthless checks are impossible to prosecute because proper identification was not taken at the time of the transaction or for other similar reasons. Still other checks do not qualify as valid payment instruments because of no signature or no amount entered.

Note: If you are unsure whether a check qualifies for the Bad Check Restitution Program, submit it anyway. If the check does not qualify, it will be returned with an explanation of why it did not qualify.

Why do I have to contact the check writer first?
California law does not require that the victim make an attempt to get restitution before referring the check to the District Attorney's Office. Nonetheless, it is just good business practice to give a check writer an opportunity to make a check good, before you submit it to the District Attorney's Office. Honest people make honest mistakes and by letting them know, you can save hard feelings and potentially keep a good customer. A Sample Demand Letter is provided on this site that is intended to be a cordial but firm notification.

If you have notified the check writer and they fail to respond within five (5) days, you should immediately submit the check to the Bad Check Restitution Program.

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