Do you know where I can fill up my County car?

Light Equipment Shop
447 Texas Stree
t Fairfield
Mitch Brewer,
Fleet Services Supervisor

Heavy Equipment Shop
3255 North Texas Street
Charlie Clark,
Fleet Services Supervisor

The following locations are for Fueling Only:

  • Vacaville Corporation Yard

        301 Brown Street

        Vacaville, California

  • Rio Vista Corporation Yard

         620 St. Francis Way

        Rio Vista, California

  • Vallejo Courthouse

        1340 Virginia Street

        Vallejo, California

  • Light Equipment Shop and the Vallejo Courthouse have 24-hour fueling access.
  • The Heavy Equipment Shop is available for fueling 7 am to 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.
  • Dixon, Rio Vista, and Vacaville corporation yards are not staffed by Fleet,
  • Dixon, and Rio Vista corporation yards are closed on alternating Fridays; otherwise, fuel is normally available 7 am to 3:30 pm.

How do I get access to County Fuel Stations?
An employee requiring access to fuel at County fueling locations may be authorized by his or her supervisor (or by the supervisor’s designee): The supervisor or designee may simply submit an email (to [email protected]) or other written request to Tisha von Ting at Fleet Management. Include the employee’s full name, California driver license number, the department and the budget account key for the departmental division in which the employee works.

How do I report an accident?
County accident report forms are in the glove box of most County vehicles, and are available on the County Intranet Site; they must be completed 24hrs after an accident or the next working day.Also a completed accident report form should provide the following information on all other vehicles involved: • names, phone numbers, addresses and insurance policy numbers of other drivers involved • The names, phone numbers, addresses of all passengers involved in the accident • The names, phone numbers, addresses of any witnesses to the accident • Information on any property involved • Weather and road conditions • Any other pertinent information regarding the accident. When possible, report injury accidents by phone to the County Risk Manager, 707.784.2962 or 707.784.2492, on the same day as they occur. Report the accident the next working day if the accident occurs after-hours, or on a weekend or holiday.

Who do I call to reserve cars, small vans or small trucks or to report an accident?
Light Equipment Shop 447 Texas Street Fairfield, CA 707.421.6764

Who do I contact to reserve a large truck or van?
Heavy Equipment Shop 3255 North Texas Street Fairfield, CA 707.421.6050

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