Human Resources

Can you read me a certain job posting, please?
At this time the best way to get that information is to view the job posting online at You can also call the job line at 707.784.6174 or Toll Free at 1.888.321.6174, or you can come into the Solano County Human Resources office.

Do I have to create an account to see what jobs are available?
No, you will only need to create an account when you wish to apply for a job.

Do you think I should apply for this job? (any inquiry that may be considered career advice)
You are the best judge of your qualifications and career choices. If you are interested in a position please feel free to apply.

How can I apply for a county job?
As of July 1, 2015, paper applications will no longer be accepted. Online applications are available at  Just click on the position you are interested in and follow the link to the online job application.

How can I find out where I am in the application process?
The County’s online application system keeps a record of where you are in the process. Log onto for more information.

How do I file a Government Code Claim for Damages?
Claim forms and instructions may be obtained on the Solano County Website: Board of Supervisors/Forms/Claim for damages. Or call Risk Management at 707-784-6170.

I am a person that is considered to be disabled and require accommodation to attend a county function, who do I speak with to make sure my accommodations are met?
Individuals who require reasonable accommodation to access facilities, programs or services should contact either the:
1) County department providing the facility, program or service and advise the department''s designated ADA Liaison of the individual''s needs; or
2) Solano County Department of Human Resources, Risk Management Division at 707.421.6170 who will direct you to the appropriate department representative

I have a question about equal opportunity employment, who do I talk to?
All Equal employment questions should be referred to the EEOC Officer- 707.784.2963

I have a question about my benefits; do you know who I would talk to?
If you are a current or former employee of Solano County; please contact one of the following Human Resources Assistants if your last name begins as follows: A - DON: Jennifer Gamez 707.784.6173 DOO - KN: Shartara Haynes 707.784.6177 KO - REA: Meoshi Hayes 707.784.6309 REB - Z : Cheryl Vaughn 707.784.6115  

I need to file a grievance, who do I contact?
Contact your bargaining unit employee organization. A listing of units and bargaining unit representatives can be found on the HR website under employee and labor relations Department of Human Resources Phone: 707.784.6170

What if I don’t have an email address?
There are several Internet Service Providers that offer free email accounts, such as Hotmail, Lycos and Yahoo. You can access one of these providers to register for a free email account.

What if I need help applying online?
You may contact the Dept. of Human Resources before the closing date of the announcement and ask for assistance.

When is the closing date to apply with Jobs with Solano County?
Positions close at 5pm Pacific time on the closing date indicated on the job announcement.

Where can I find my MOU or contract?
You can find it on the Solano County website under Employee & Labor Relations.

Where can I find the Solano County salary listing?
The list is located on the Solano County website under Human Resources.

Where else can I get computer access if I don’t have one at home?
There are computers available in the Human Resources office for use as well as your local library, and State unemployment offices EED.

Who do I contact for quality of care issues?
Contact the County Compliance Hotline (866) 501-6681

Who do I contact if I feel my privacy rights or civil rights have been violated?
Contact the County Compliance Hotline 1.866.501.6681.

Who do I contact if I suspect any type of fraud or abuse of County funds or benefits?
Contact the County Compliance Hotline 1.866.501.6681.

Will I be notified if I do not get the job?
Yes, you will be notified. All job applicants are notified of the status of their application.

Will the county still accept paper applications?
Yes, scannable paper applications can be obtained at the Solano County Human Resources office and must be filled out in person

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