First 5 Solano

Are there any funding and/or grant opportunities from First 5 Solano currently open?
We refer people to our website, On the left is a bar titled “Current Funding Opportunities”. Anything currently available would be listed there

Can I be notified when there are requests for funding?
Yes. Please give us your name, phone number and address and we will notify you when we send out Requests for Proposals/Qualifications

How can I get a Kit for New Parents?
Parents can order a Kit by calling First 5 Solano at 707.784.1332 or you can email [email protected].

How can I get help paying for child care?
Solano Family and Children’s Services can assist you with this at 707.863.3950 or we can connect you.

How do I find child care and/or preschool for my child?
Solano Family and Children’s Services can assist you with this at 707.863.3950 or we can connect you.

How do I get a license for foster care in Solano County?
Foster Home Licensing at 707.784.8199 or we can connect you.

How do I obtain a child day care license?
Call Solano Family and Children’s Services at 707.863.3950.

How much does the Kit for New Parents cost?
The Kit for New Parents is free. Although the Kit has retail value of $75, First 5 California provides it to Californians for free so that all parents have access to the information and resources they need to best prepare for their new baby.

I need help collecting child support or I have questions about child support.
First 5 does not handle child support. The phone number to their Fairfield office is 707.784.7483.

I need medical insurance for my child.
You can apply for Medi-Cal by calling the office located in or closest to your city. Fairfield is 707.784.8051, Vacaville is 707.469.4500 and Vallejo is 707.553.5681. You can also call the Solano Kids Insurance Program at 1.800.978.7547

I want to report a case of child abuse.
The child abuse hotline for Solano County is 1.800.544.8696.

What is First 5 Solano?
First 5 Solano is funded by Prop 10, which was passed in 1998 and imposed a 50 cent per pack cigarette tax. The funds are distributed to the county Commissions based on the birth rate in each county. First 5 Solano contracts with local non-profits and government agencies to provide services for children ages zero to five in Solano County. While First 5 provides no direct services, the funds go to develop early education, school readiness, access to health care, high-quality affordable child care, access to prenatal care and parent education and support in Solano County through the agencies First 5 Solano contracts with.

When did First 5 California develop the Kit for New Parents?
First 5 California launched its groundbreaking parent education campaign in 2001 to provide answers to the myriad of questions expecting and new parents may have.  Since the program’s inception, nearly 2.5 million Kits for New Parents have been distributed across California. More than 16,000 have been distributed in Solano County.

Who do I call for help disputing or obtaining custody of my children?
First 5 does not handle custody issues. That would be the courts or the family law facilitator. Family Law Facilitator  707.207.7348

Who do I call for help with family law/custody issues/child support/guardianship/restraining orders?
First 5 does not handle family law. You can contact the family law department at 707.207.7348

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